Jack will be napping in Hariri tomorrow, is willing to be touched

Last Thursday was “Puppy Day” at George Mason’s law school, when the school paired with a local rescue organization to bring cuddly puppies to campus as a study break for stressed law students.

The Washington Post‘s description of the event makes it difficult not to say aww (video included at link):

The stress of looming exams at George Mason University School of Law lifted for a couple of hours Thursday, thanks to the arrival of 15 homeless and adoptable puppies with velvety ears, soul-searching eyes and names like Doughboy, Sugar and Sue.

It seems that Jack the Bulldog has read on Facebook and Twitter that a lot of Hoyas wanted something similar at Georgetown. From noon to 1 p.m. tomorrow, Jack will be in Shea Commons on the first floor of the Hariri Building, according to an e-mail sent to students in the McDonough School of Business. Charitably taking a break from his entitled, luxurious lifestyle that includes transportation via golf cart and personal service from a crew of doting undergraduates, Jack will supposedly allow students to pet him for good luck.

While only students in the MSB received the e-mail, that doesn’t mean stressed students from the College, the SFS and the NHS shouldn’t descend on Hariri. But you might want to wear the school’s colors of green and silver to blend in.

4 Comments on “Jack will be napping in Hariri tomorrow, is willing to be touched

  1. The MSB is the last school that needs stress relief considering how much work they have.

  2. No fair. Science majors want time with Jack, too!

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