Vox‘s favorite study spots for final exams

With finals fast approaching and Lauinger reaching capacity every night, Vox has put together a list of some of Georgetown’s other, better places to study this finals season (not including the place we want to keep secret for ourselves).

Our on-campus suggestions:

  • Hariri Building. The hidden gem for on-campus studying. As former Vox editor Molly Redden puts it, “Aside from probably having the highest working-to-non-working outlet ratio of any building on campus, it’s shiny, clean, and within I-hope-no-one-steals-my-laptop walking distance from Uncommon Grounds and Vital Vittles.”
  • Blommer Science Library. Tucked away on the third floor of the Reiss Science Center, Blommer is Lau’s oft-forgotten, nerdy sibling. Study here and you will be neither seen nor heard.
  • The Car Barn. Former Vox editor Juliana Brint gushed over the Car Barn two years ago, writing, “[it has] lots of tables and couches, tons of outlets, [and] multiple vending machines. It’s got its own microwave, and it’s right near one of the nicest bathrooms on campus.” Consider us sold.
  • The ICC. Classrooms can only be reserved by clubs and professors, they say. Vox has seen quite a few one-person club meetings taking place during finals time in ICC rooms, so take that rule as you will.
  • Walsh Building, 4th Floor. No people. No distractions. When you need to hunker down, Walsh is the place to go. With Wisey’s a short hop across the street, Vox wonders why Walsh isn’t more popular, especially considering the alleged improvements to the building’s wireless Internet.
  • Healy and Maguire Halls. Vox‘s personal favorite place to write a paper, Healy Hall offers space to spread out, plenty of outlets, and a much more pleasant environment to work in than Lau. Maguire is also a great place for groups to get together when the second floor of Lau is packed. For full details on hours, consult the library’s website.

For those who want to hole themselves up off-campus, the neighborhood’s various cafes and coffee shops offer many options for hours of studying at the price of a latte. Note: this is your last chance to study at the Barnes and Noble on M Street because it is closing at the end of this year. In addition to its on-campus location, Starbucks has two shops nearby: one on M Street that offers a lovely second floor with piped-in jazz music and a fireplace to remind you it’s not Lau, and a second at the Safeway on Wisconsin that is more convenient to Burleithers.

Want Vox readers to descend upon your own secret study space? Tell us all about it in the comments!

10 Comments on “Vox‘s favorite study spots for final exams

  1. Other great spots (though I hesitate to share them) are the bioethics library in Healy and the lobby of the Davis Performing Arts Center. Also, the on-campus Starbucks has comfy furniture, and the Dupont Starbucks is a short GUTS bus ride away and ideal for people watching.

  2. Dupont Circle has something like 6 starbucks within a 4 block radius of the actual circle…. so options galore.
    Also DC recently renovated more than a few of their public libraries.

  3. It always baffled me that the bioethics research library closes at 5 daily and is closed on Sundays. It is easily the coolest place to study on campus. The deck upstairs with the low ceiling is the best place to hole up and write a paper. It furthers the theory that the administration doesn’t care about students utilizing Georgetown’s most iconic building. (See Healy Pub proposal)

  4. my suggestions:
    1. the illy cafe on new hampshire & m st. it’s a 20 minute walk from campus, or a quick ride on the circ. best espresso and cappuccino in DC (it’s illy, duh!), with prices even lower than the corp’s. adjacent to the coffeeshop is the rennaissance m’s hotel lobby, which has tons of outlets. great study spot!
    2. library of congress reading room. if you are writing a paper, the librarians there will help you find sources. plus the architecture is inspiring

  5. The bioethics library will be open until 9 during study days and exams – not great, but better than 5

  6. The bioethics library is open until 9 during study days and finals – not great, but still better than 5

  7. @bioethics: I also don’t understand why that is the case. It is an amazing space and students should have more access to it.

  8. “Hariri Building. The hidden gem for on-campus studying.”

    Hidden gem? Since when?

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