Comments of the Week: Commenting before it was cool

Everyone was in a tizzy this week about Georgetown being ranked the 10th-most hipster campus.

Hermione helped us realize what College Magazine meant by “thrift stores”:

They’re talking about Urban Outfitters, right?


Wait, “top-rated student radio station”? Whaza-whaaaa? I did 3 years at WGTB, but “top-rated” was never an adjective that came up.

The beloved Todd Olson defends his hipster cred:

I was into Georgetown before it was cool.

Really isn’t studying with Vox:

“Hariri Building. The hidden gem for on-campus studying.”

Hidden gem? Since when?

And we would like to thank study space commenter @really for being such a diligent Vox reader:

since this article was first written 2 years ago

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