Georgetown student allegedly threw a brick through a neighbor’s car window

Late Wednesday night, according to the Georgetown Dish, several Georgetown residents in the 1400 block of 33rd Street heard loud smashing sounds from the street, and, going outside, discovered that one car’s window was smashed in completely and an adjacent car’s windshield was cracked.

A young, apparently inebriated male, who was later identified as a Georgetown University student, was standing near the damaged vehicles. Confronted, the student fled toward Wisconsin Avenue. There is a large quantity of loose bricks in the vicinity because of the construction taking place on O and P Streets.

John Bradshaw, whose car received the most damage in the incident, pursued the fleeing student while his wife called police. After he caught up to him in the CVS Pharmacy on Wisconsin, Bradshaw said to Dish, “I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back” to 33rd Street. While he was being dragged back, the kid reportedly asked Bradshaw, “Is there any way we can settle this without the police being involved?”

MPD responded to the scene of the incident, and took the student into custody. After the police learned that the young man was a Georgetown student, the Department of Public Safety also responded to the scene. The incident has not appeared in the crime logs of either MPD or DPS, suggesting that the University may be handling it internally.

University spokesperson Stacy Kerr wrote in an e-mail to Vox: “We take these incidents very seriously and we are following up through our student conduct process on the report that a Georgetown student was involved in an incident early Thursday morning in West Georgetown. If a student is found to be responsible, we will handle this in a very serious way. This behavior is unacceptable.”

Bradshaw also told Dish that a University dean personally called him to apologize for the student’s alleged behavior. “She was very, very nice, very apologetic,” Bradshaw said.

Photo: Lucia He

26 Comments on “Georgetown student allegedly threw a brick through a neighbor’s car window

  1. And here we have yet another incident where 5% of the student population screws it up for the rest of the 95%. Honestly though, what motivates someone to do such a thing?

  2. What an idiot.

    Also sad that he couldn’t outrun or otherwise evade a middle-aged Georgetowner. Kids these days!

  3. Ugh, agreed @GUCK. This singular incident will now be used in every single speech given by the Powers That Be at CAG and BCA for the next 10 years as illustration of what a bunch of crazy drunk hooligans we all are. I hope this student is punished appropriately, apologizes to the residents, and pays for the damages.

  4. Following this incident, not even Houdini could persuade neighbors to let go of 100% on-campus housing requirement. I’ll be sure to send that moron a stack of photos documenting perils of two-fold increase in occupancy of those already-overcrowded Darnall so-called rooms. Just thanks.

  5. And cue up a self-righteous post from proud burleither in 3…2…1….

  6. A boomer could chase down a proud member of gen Z in the prime of his life and drag him several blocks against his will? Unpossible. I smell a false flag operation – CAG is nothing if not crafty.

  7. Handled internally? This dude should be in the DC Jail. And not just because he was drunk and disorderly, but because he set back the University’s well-orchestrated public relations campaign to salvage the campus plan.

  8. “And here we have yet another incident where 5% of the student population screws it up for the rest of the 95%”

    I hope it’s not as high as that, because even if it’s just 5%, you’re still talking about hundreds of fuck-ups.

  9. Huh. Curious how an incident that might interfere with the university’s pass-the-campus-plan neighborhood PR gets handled internally while about 4 months ago, the university decided to hand another group of students to MPD without even talking to them first.

    I think the university’s priorities are becoming clear.

  10. @Observer: True, true. I guess I was trying to avoid the now cliché 1% v. 99%, but I would say closer to 1% of the Georgetown Undergrad population who screw things up for the rest of us when intoxicated is more appropriate.

  11. @Hermione
    The same way we do every year. We save the school by thwarting the Dark Lord Boeheim’s return to National Championship power.

  12. I agree with Ummmm. Jail for the loser who ruins our reputation, destroys property, and possibly endangers others!

  13. Do we really jail people who do this? Really? Maybe an overnight, no more. Even if university were completely uninvolved, this kid would not be going to jail. DMT Lab didn’t even send anyone to jail, did it?

  14. I hope that “handle this in a very serious way” includes, but by no means is limited to, making the kid live on-campus. And how about making him appear before a public meeting of the ANC? As for the snide student comments about this story, you’re not helping your case at all. How can anyone truly doubt that this actually happened? And if this were a “singular” incident, why were so many Georgetown residents upset with off-campus student behavior LONG BEFORE this happened? As for the remark about “self-righteous” Burleithers, show me an instance of a non-student Burleither putting a brick through a student’s winshield, and you MIGHT have a leg to stand on. Until then, you come off as delusional as Albrecht Muth!

  15. And how does a criminal act that takes place off-campus against a non-student victim get handled internally by GU? Neat trick! Kid got what he wanted – no police involvement. I’m sure that means a lot to the non-student who chased him down and handed him over to the police. GU has been bragging about how it’s supported additional MPD presence in the area, but it sounds more like they’re there to protect GU’s interests than it is to protect neighborhood residents.

  16. @word wyz (such a whiz, too cool for the extra letter?)
    SHOCKING! An University trying to protect its own interests – how dare they. I’m sure the man whose car was damaged ran down the student for his own rehabilitation, right?
    Personally, though, I’m far more concerned about having our interests as law-abiding student residents of the Georgetown neighborhood protected. I dare say at least 99% of us are registered to vote in our home states, not the District, so we don’t have a voice to defend our interests against such entities as “Self-Righteous Burleith Residents Who Believe We Should Be Allowed To Move Next To A College That Has Been Here Since 1634 and Keep the Students Locked In Cages Coalition” who have somehow managed to prevent us from having a boathouse (where, ironically, we could be segregated from the community boathouse) to keep our student athletes occupied and, you know, “off the streets.” Perhaps it’s the same logic that lead them to vote down a metro stop in the area – if we don’t make it easy, we can keep the people that aren’t us away. That also keeps the people that are here from leaving, including the very students you loathe.
    Perhaps we should organize as a University community who has been here for at least 350 years longer than you have and demand that YOU remove yourselves from OUR sight. I, too, wish there were a greater MPD presence in the area – maybe one of them could chase down the residents who have nearly hit me in the crosswalk when I have the right of way. It happens daily when I walk to campus. Maybe they could also remove the non-students at Yates who will ignore an entire row of empty treadmills to get on the one in front of MTV that just happens to be next to mine, spend most of the time standing still or walking extremely slowly, and repeatedly leer at me. Perhaps you’re not capable of the same crimes a drunk 21 year old is, but you’re certainly not a guiltless bunch.

  17. @word wyz, it’s adorable that you think you can dissociate yourselves from Albrecht Muth by attempting to liken him to a University student. Georgetown students, so drunk and rowdy they disturb the neighbors. “Real” Georgetown residents HIRE HIT MEN TO KILL THEIR WIVES, but we ignore those, you only count if you get your rocks off taking pictures of students at night and making up committees to troll them. committies

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  21. “A College That Has Been Here Since 1634″

    It’s been a while, but just wanted to point out that GU hasn’t “been here” since 1634. It’s roots go back that far, but there was no presence in Georgetown until 1787. I know there’s a desire to argue that GU predates the town of Georgetown, but it’s not the case. And it doesn’t really matter either way.

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