Twuesday Tweetacular: Apparently this week is finals week

Adam Ramadan could really use a hug right now. Well, he could also use three Monsters, a 5 Hour Energy, and two large Awakenings from Midnight Mug.

Julia Grace makes no secret of her progress on finals studying. Next in line: pencil sharpening, breaking pencil, more pencil sharpening…

Former Voice editorĀ Michelle Pliskin has a keen, perhaps too keen, eye for her fellow Hoyas’ study antics during finals. (There is a positive correlation between the length of Twitter users’ hashtags and how clever they feel while tweeting. It’s science.)

Anne has clearly been watching too much 16 and Pregnant. Listen up psych majors looking for a thesis: a Freudian analysis of MTV is a guaranteed C+.

Vox has been working on the mechanics for the Monday Memetacular for the past eleven years. So if you’ve been a good boy, Kapil Desai, Santa will make this Christmas wish come true.

2 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Apparently this week is finals week

  1. The gallon of water is actually it’s a gallon of rum. My latin american history paper that’s due tomorrow at 4 needs inspiration from somewhere. #dontjudge

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