Comments of the Week: The best and worst of Georgetown

Last week Vox told you about the Georgetown student who allegedly threw a brick into a neighbor’s car window. Although the University is taking the incident very seriously, asuka isn’t buying it.

A boomer could chase down a proud member of gen Z in the prime of his life and drag him several blocks against his will? Unpossible. I smell a false flag operation – CAG is nothing if not crafty.

Hoya has one simple question for the alleged brick thrower:


Typical Hermione, always worried about points:

UGH. How do we plan on winning the house cup?

On Tuesday, Georgetown played host to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, which led to this great photo of al-Maliki, Jack DeGioia and former Senator Chuck Hagel. Thomas Friedman made it clear why he was at the meeting:

Marry: DeGioia
Date: Maliki
Dump: Hagel

And Just Sayin knows that Vox can never say no to a good Blingee:

Your wish is my command. This one was too easy.


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