Vox winds down after a long semester, takes stock

As finals wrap up and Hoyas head home, Vox will be taking a break for the holidays. We’ll still have sports coverage and coverage of any breaking news, and we will return to regular posting on January 9. Over the holiday, we will be designing new bits and pieces for the blog, as we continually try to improve the product we deliver to you.

But enough about the future. For now, let’s remember the semester that was.

It started in August with a benches-clearing game-ending brawl between the Hoyas and the Bayi Rockets during Georgetown’s “basketball diplomacy” tour of China.

Later in the month Irene visited, a massive hurricane that was supposedly going to destroy D.C. but ended up blowing down some trees and knocking a few tiles off the new science building.

Ann Coulter and Michael Moore graced Gaston Hall with their passionate, partisan book-hocking as liberal and conservative Hoyas huffed and puffed about the state of intellectual debate at Georgetown.

The Halloween festivities on M Street were marred this year by a shooting.

A Georgetown student studying abroad at the American University in Cairo was detained for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails at government authorities in the midst of widespread protests there. He was released several days later, and told the world about his experience.

Georgetown’s hipster status was found out. Perhaps the Georgetown student who allegedly threw a brick through a neighbor’s car window earlier this month didn’t realize that Molotov cocktails are the new alleged projectile of choice. Bricks are so 2010.

Throughout the semester, the University made concessions on its 2010 Campus Plan proposal in an attempt to mollify the neighbors, but to no avail. This was the least surprising news of the semester.

Because the world will presumably end in 2012, let’s make it count.

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