Einstein Bros. Bagels kiosk opens in Car Barn, full store coming soon

Einstein Bros. Bagels has returned to Georgetown. Six months after their Wisconsin Avenue location closed, the bagel-based eatery has reappeared in the Car Barn today. Open only on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., the kiosk will compete with The Corp’s various stores, Wisemiller’s and Saxby’s to meet the Hilltop’s workday bagel needs. A flyer promoting the establishment suggests that a full store is “coming soon,” but lacks a time frame.

Unfortunately, the bagel store is closed on the weekend, like most of the other restaurants run by Auxiliary Services. For now, Hoyas seeking a bagel brunch on Saturday or Sunday won’t find satisfaction in the Car Barn. Hopefully, the full store’s hours will more closely mimic those of Starbucks and Cosi.

Offering six different kinds of bagels and a sandwich and salad here and there, the kiosk is largely self-service. You choose, slice (with a plastic knife), toast and schmear your own bagel and pour your own coffee. A bagel and cream cheese is $2.85.

While the effort to liven the quiet atmosphere of the second floor of the Car Barn is commendable, the bare-bones structure of the kiosk and the proximity of Wisey’s makes Vox question the viability of the new store once the novelty wears off. The proximity and popularity of Wisey’s, which also sells bagels, will certainly overshadow the new Einstein Bros. for the time being. Only if the full store eventually has the variety of offerings and hours of its Wisconsin Avenue antecedent will it become another Hilltop standard alongside UG, Midnight, Starbucks, Wisey’s and Saxby’s.

The location will be mildly convenient during finals periods, when some students seeking a study space less crowded than Lauinger Library use the Car Barn. Particularly during fall semester exams, the availability of hot food inside the Car Barn should encourage more students to study there.

Photo: Jackson Perry

8 Comments on “Einstein Bros. Bagels kiosk opens in Car Barn, full store coming soon

  1. Of all the improvements Georgetown has received since I’ve graduated, I think this one hurts the most to have missed.

  2. this looks more like an elaborate vending machine area to me

  3. Was there consultation before this went in? I don’t remember seeing anything about Einstein, let alone plans to change that space.

  4. @typical, since the Car Barn is technically owned by Douglas Development Corporation, they probably did all of the permitting, etc. that would be of public record. Therefore, Georgetown may not have been involved as much as if it were added to a 100% university-owned building…

    That said, I am glad it’s here–they have better bagels than UG or Saxby’s.

  5. Self-service and more expensive than The Corp. Is this a joke. Auxiliary Services should work on bring Georgetown something we actually want.

  6. Nothing will ever be cheap in Georgetown. You can thank the DC government for that.

  7. Hmmmm yeah, the only reason that things cost more in a dense, metropolitan area is because of the government. That’s why other cities are so cheap…

  8. Bagels are not $2.85 in New York… not that it’s the government’s fault. Just saying, that’s a lot for a bagel.

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