Programmer creates Metro map based on travel time

Photographer and developer M.V. Jantzen has created a new way for D.C.’s Metro travelers to visualize our rapid transit system. Based on the Travel Time Tube Map that does the same with London’s system, Jantzen’s map adjusts to reflect travel times from a particular station, in addition to allowing its users to distort the map in funky ways. For example, click 1 while viewing the map to reverse the Orange line. The HTML 5 application prioritizes travel time between stations, not distance. A comprehensive guide to using his program is available on his blog, but you can also just open it up and start clicking the number keys and F1-F8 to see what insane maps you can create.

Jantzen also built a version of the Ms. Pac-Man game into his map. While viewing the map, click P to start playing. Use the arrow keys to move and the ROYGB keys to transfer lines. More complete instructions for gameplay are available on his blog.

Vox has put together some interesting iterations of Jantzen’s map for our readers. None of them place a Metro stop in Georgetown unfortunately.

Get the flash player here:

h/t: GGW

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