Comments of the Week: Einstein’s, Schmeinstein’s

A new Einstein Bros. Bagels store in the Car Barn drew a mixed response. Hoya alum Steven had an ‘Aw, shucks’ moment:

Of all the improvements Georgetown has received since I’ve graduated, I think this one hurts the most to have missed.

ROFL was decidedly unimpressed:

this looks more like an elaborate vending machine area to me.

Meanwhile, joke‘s beef with Auxiliary Services continues:

Self-service and more expensive than The Corp. Is this a joke. Auxiliary Services should work on bring Georgetown something we actually want.

Scarred doesn’t appreciate the image we used to accompany a post about new population control measures for the white-tailed deer in Rock Creek Park:

Woah! Killing Bambi?! I can’t even bear to read the article anymore.

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