Twuesday Tweetacular: Vox is scared of the apocalypse

Whitney McAniff may not know it, but she experienced the first sign of the imminent 2012 apocalypse.

Either the tour guide Sam Kurtz describes had a slip of the tongue, or he is referencing the undocumented 1973 on-campus speech delivered by funk pioneer George Clinton. Or maybe he actually believes George Clinton is the name of the 42nd President, which would be another foreboding sign of world destruction in 2012.

Chaselynn Collins‘s remarks about TLC’s demise into kitschy programming is a harsh reminder of the History Channel’s similar slip into shows about truckers, alien conspiracy theories, and hillbillies. Can you imagine the aliens’ thoughts after discovering (post-2012 apocalypse, or course) that the only surviving remnants of human¬†civilization’s¬†“history” and education methods are reruns of Ancient Aliens and Toddlers in Tiaras?

I hate to break to to you Kirill, but the Taco Bell diet is probably healthier than your standard Leo’s grub. Neither one will prepare you for the spare dining options of the post-2012 apocalypse hellscape that will be America.

One Comment on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Vox is scared of the apocalypse

  1. No tour guide would ever refer to Bill Clinton as George Clinton. If you read his tweet, it says that it’s a student giving a small tour of campus, not a tour guide. Don’t hate on Blue&Gray like you have in the past.

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