Vox reviews Pinkberry: freshness and flavor have their price

It’s official. The frozen yogurt craze is in full swing in Georgetown now that Pinkberry has arrived. Perhaps the trendiest and most popular frozen yogurt shop of the moment, Pinkberry has captured the hearts of many across the world with over 170 locations in 16 countries. As a loyal fan of the yogurt chain ourselves, Vox couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of those icy, fresh desserts now that they are in walking distance of campus.

The interior of the shop is similar to its other locations: tastefully decorated (pun intended) with contemporary and naturalistic elements such as sleek, modern shapes, a pebble floor, and a sky-blue and grassy-green color palette.

And the yogurt is almost better than Vox remembered it. The sweet yet slightly tangy Original flavor accompanied with ripe, juicy strawberries is perfectly refreshing, even on a frigid winter day. Pinkberry also offers a few other seasonal flavors, including a mouth-watering Mango, Blood Red Orange, Pomegranate, and even Peanut Butter. And with a variety of toppings ranging from fresh fruit to shaved chocolate to crunchy cereal to cheesecake bites, Pinkberry’s got it all. It’s no wonder that this place was bustling with customers when Vox got there.

But is this all too good to be true? Indeed it is. As much as the chilly treats are enjoyable, there is a major setback to this dessert: the steep price. A medium yogurt with toppings, which costs $4.95 at our hometown Pinkberry in California, is a whopping $6.95 here in Georgetown. We’re sorry, but the fact that a frozen yogurt could cost more than a lunch at Chipotle to be taken lightly.

Due to its high prices, Pinkberry may find it difficult to become a favorite hangout spot for college students. However, with the help of wealthy local residents and tourists desperate for a break from the sweltering DC summer climate, Pinkberry should have no trouble finding success here in Georgetown. With that said, who knows how Monday’s arrest of Pinkberry’s co-founder, Young Lee, will affect the thriving yogurt chain. Allegedly beating up a homeless man is not the greatest PR, but that’s a whole other story.

Photo: Alex Rice

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