Ever thought of joining the Voice?

Tomorrow and next Friday, the Voice will be holding open houses at 4:30 p.m. in Leavey 424 with free food for all! If you have any passing interest in, well, anything really, we encourage you to come by and chat with our editors, including yours truly. We’re looking for new writers, photographers, designers, copy editors, and business staff.

Whether you’re interesting in writing, photography, blogging, graphic design, marketing, crosswords or raillery, you will find a home at the Voice, which has been the Hilltop’s award-winning campus newsmagazine since 1969.

Most Voice staffers have gone on to successfully attain honest employment after graduating Georgetown, and others have become lawyers or journalists.

So come up to the office tomorrow or next Friday, and who knows, maybe two weeks from now you’ll be drawing the next Page 13 comic, interviewing campus leaders or publishing a post on Vox. At the very least, you would’ve enjoyed some free food.


4 Comments on “Ever thought of joining the Voice?

  1. Well, I don’t mean to be too picky, but just what sort of free food are we talking about? If it is Doritos that is one thing. Crab Cakes with a nice Chard is another.

    I’m trying to establish my creds here which will, no doubt, vault me to editor-in-chief….at least of the food section! :) You have got to ask questions and take noting for granted.

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