This Week in the Voice: January 19, 2012

In this week’s feature, Gavin Bade examines the Georgetown Solidarity Committee’s fight for the rights of workers on the Hilltop:

The Living Wage Campaign counts as one of Solidarity’s greatest successes. According to Georgetown professor Michael Kazin, a scholar of progressive movements, GSC is uniquely influential—not only in the way it attracts attention to social justice issues, but in the tangible, identifiable changes it has affected in the community.

“Sometimes people in progressive movements mistake their presence, their demonstrations, their protests, themselves for making change,” said Kazin, himself a former member of Students for a Democratic Society. “On the other side of a protest, the other side of progressivism, you’ve got to change people’s lives. If you don’t change people’s lives, then at some level it’s just rhetoric.”

In light of President Obama’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, Editorials critiques the wide gap between his administration’s rhetoric on civil liberties and the reality of its policies.

In News, Amy Liu discusses the University’s final defense, submitted Friday, of its 2010 campus plan.

In the Sports pages, Tim Shine analyzes where the Hoyas disappointed against St. John’s and Depaul, and how the next three weeks will likely make or break their season.

In the Leisure section, Heather Regen raves about Nomadic Theatre’s A Night of One-Act Plays, which opens tonight at 8 p.m. on the Devine Studio Theatre stage in DPAC.

Meanwhile, Page 13 caricatures the University’s happy acceptance of a $20 million donation from Saudi Prince Alwaleed, who reportedly employs dwarfs as “jesters”.

Linking problems of social justice to the lack of education equity, Patricia Cipollitti calls for universal access to excellent education in Voices.

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