A Teaser for the Student Life Report 2012

This Thursday at 8:30 p.m. in the Leavey Program Room, the authors of the Student Life Report 2012 will unveil some findings from their brainchild: a 40-something page report on student life and involvement at Georgetown. And if Thursday is too long to wait, Vox has a preview for you.

The authors of the report found a high correlation between engagement on campus and student satisfaction. So, to improve student life, participation in student organisations need to be made easier and more enjoyable. As the authors said in a press conference yesterday, engaging student interests should come before paperwork. The authors identified three key themes for improving student life: autonomy, transparency, and assessment.

Although the release date for the document itself is still TBD and the list of recommendations isn’t finalized, Vox has some of more specific (and heavily paraphrased) recommendations from SLR 2012.

  • Centralized space booking and published space costs
  • Online access for student groups to their cost centers
  • More timely charges by OCAF to groups
  • More student control of student money
  • Codification of sanctions for groups and a fairer appeals process
  • Continuation of the Hoya Roundtables
  • Office hours for President DeGioia and Vice President Olson
  • More transparency and consistancy in the SAC funding process
  • Merge What’s After Dark and GPB
  • Encourage more undergraduate research
  • Hold a second SAC fair during the year

If this isn’t enough for you, we have the executive summary after the break.

Student Life Report 2012 – Press Package

2 Comments on “A Teaser for the Student Life Report 2012

  1. They’re waiting for some more feedback from different sources around campus involved in the study before they finalize the verbiage (and possibly the content). That’s also why the release date for the document is still nebulous.

    They let the press see an advanced list, and I can tell you that a lot of the recommendations are more technical than the ones I mentioned above (like subsidizing extracurricular student-faculty interactions).

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