Vox is on our way to Syracuse!

Today Vox is driving into the belly of the beast, braving snow and Eastern Pennsylvania to provide coverage from inside the Carrier Dome of what may be the final Georgetown-Syracuse game for awhile. For our pregame coverage, check out… Read More

Vox Pupuli: a Golden Retriever puppy for two and a half grand

At last weekend’s Senior Auction, a most cute golden retriever puppy was offered as one of the night’s items to bid on. While organizers reportedly expected $5,000 for the spectacular youngin, he went for a cool $2,500. Voice… Read More

Free Food for All: High-Brow Chow Down

The excitement, or depression, from the Super Bowl might be wearing off, but there will always be free food to keep your spirits up. Literature and food cravings don’t often go hand in hand, but the Lannan Center… Read More