It’s official: Daniel LaMagna is the GUSA election’s Herman Cain

Vox loves GUSA elections. Full of semi-self-conscious pageantry and hilarious demonstrations of Hoyas’ varying skill levels with Final Cut Pro, the February presidential elections always offer a good laugh during the doldrums of winter. This year is no different.

GUSA senator Daniel LaMagna (COL ’13), or DJ LaMagnz as he is known in these parts, has launched a juggernaut of a campaign for the presidency. With men’s basketball player Markel Starks (COL ’14) as his running mate, LaMagna has already distinguished himself from other GUSA candidates by submitting the smallest budget proposal of any candidate (a mere 48 words long, including the 10-word title) and asking if candidates are allowed to visit the bathroom during the presidential debate Sunday night.

LaMagna launched his campaign a few days after his competitors in order to avoid being lost in the noise, but if his campaign is anything like this Youtube video and his debate performance, he won’t have any problem standing out from the crowd. We won’t spoil it for you, but we’ll say that LaMagna’s campaign manager Ziad Jawadi (COL ’15) is clearly a graduate of the Mark Block school of videography.

11 Comments on “It’s official: Daniel LaMagna is the GUSA election’s Herman Cain

  1. funniest video i’ve seen thus far from any of the campaigns LOL “that was NOT a joint”. At least GUSA has some humor

  2. Except it’s not even funny. Surprised LaMagna could find a bigger jerk than him to run his campaign, but he found one in Ziad Jawadi

  3. Wow this is probably the worst video ever created for a GUSA election. Seriously?
    I feel sorry for Markel – he should’ve run with someone more qualified

  4. if you’re saying this video is dumb and not funny, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Sax and Crouch’s new video…they literally seem like a gay couple and they look dumb trying to dance in the end

  5. This video uses a well-known ad campaign from the national stage to advocate for a particular candidate. This video actually shows a sense of humor and willingness to provide voters with something to look forward to during campaign season, rather than being senselessly barraged by random door-to-door outreach people only loosely associated with candidates.

    I wish more people would post videos like this.

  6. I bet Gtown Sophmore is Nate Tisa. Nobody in the world could be that much of a dick AND a bureaucrat in the same comment other than him.

  7. NotNateTisa, it is not respectful to speak of other candidates directly in such a manner. Neither I nor the Dan & Markel Campaign in any way shape or form will tolerate such rude and disrespectful comments that retract from the campaign. That being said, GTown Sophmore, you clearly don’t know me or have spent quality time with me. I’m a pretty nice guy….

    The types of comments that are presented here on this page represent why I support Dan & Markel. We are not looking to be rude. We simply want to put ourselves and our ideas out there and demonstrate why we are best in a respectful fashion.

  8. Also, RE Adam Talbot’s twitter update, we are Ron Paul. Now we are Herman Cain? Come on folks, make up your minds!!

  9. @legalizemarijuana

    look like a gay couple? love the political correctness there.

    tyler and crouch do have a pretty bad video, but the two of them are competent. Lamagna needs go get out his own bubble

  10. Lets not hate on the concept of a gay couple, guys. They’re usually known for their dance moves.

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