Twuesday Tweetacular: We don’t need no stinkin’ transparency

Sam Ungar shows how only GUSA could make a discussion about transparency completely opaque.

Josh, you have no idea how happy former Hoya Bill Clinton is that GUSA senator Daniel LaMagna (COL ’13) took this dubious honor from him. The mockery he received during his own GUSA presidential campaign haunted him so much Al Gore lost Florida in 2000.

Matt McKillip finally understands why most students ride the GUTS bus with two hands in the air.

Georgetown Alumni‘s post is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Still, the quote is slightly tainted by the fact that its utterer, who¬†delivered¬†this line during a tour de force interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, was blackout drunk.

Kyle Textor shares Leo’s new motto. While students are livid over the thousands of dollars they paid for a Leo’s meal plan, they are still relieved by the fact that they will no longer have to eat Leo’s food.

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