Submit your questions for the GUSA vice presidential debate!

Tonight at 8:20 p.m. in White-Gravenor 201A, the seven GUSA vice presidential contenders will be having a debate, three days after the presidential candidates debated in the same venue. If you can’t make it in person, Vox has you covered: we’ll be live-blogging the event in addition to asking questions. If you have any questions for Michael Appau, Vail Kohnert-Yount, Sheila Walsh, Maggie Cleary, Lauren Weber, Michael Crouch or Markel Starks, let us know in the comments.

During the debate, use #GUSAdebate to join in the conversation on Twitter.

Have at it, commenters!

25 Comments on “Submit your questions for the GUSA vice presidential debate!

  1. Will Maggie Cleary step down from her position as president of the College Republicans? How can she represent all of Georgetown’s students when she is holding a highly partisan and polarizing position that does not necessarily support equal rights for LBTQ students on campus?

    Or for a more general one, will all other candidates step down from their leadership positions?

  2. @ProudHoya:

    Really? Are you seriously suggesting that national partisan politics will affect someone’s ability to be GUSA Vice-President? Though I’m very liberal (and a former member of CDA), I’m not naive enough to believe that liberalism is a prerequisite for being Vice-President of GUSA. In fact, I think Maggie’s position as president of CR’s makes her even MORE qualified for GUSA because of her experience as the head of one of the largest groups on campus.

    Just to show the ridiculousness of this question, the same could be asked of Vail (former prez of College Dems). “How can Vail represent all of Georgetown’s students when she formally held a highly partisan and polarizing position?” Do I think this is an appropriate question for Vail? No, I don’t. Because it doesn’t matter. Maggie and Vail aren’t running to represent liberals or conservatives, they’re running to represent Georgetown students — liberal, conservative, catholic, jew, muslim, gay, lesbian, white, black, asian, hispanic…everyone.

    As to your last question, this is a legitimate one – if it’s regarding time. As much as people like to think it’s not, being GUSA Vice-President is a full-time job. If elected, GUSA should be the first priority of all candidates. If other obligations get in the way, they should step down.

  3. To Maggie Cleary:

    Will you have enough time for GUSA as president of GUCR? Hannah Miller, your #2 in College Republicans, has stated in private she doesn’t think you will, and is not even supporting you.

    To Maggie Cleary:

    You work for Mitt Romney, who is opposed to many of the sustainability issues in your platform/agenda. Are you either A. Differing with Mitt Romney on this, which poses the question of why you are supporting him, or are you B. Opposed to your own agenda on sustainability?

    To Michael Crouch:

    Your video ad was pretty dorky. Not a question, just a comment.

    To Maggie Cleary:

    You have expressed in private meetings opposition to reforming the code of conduct, suggesting that students who drink ought to be punished for breaking the law (a very Republican position mind you). How can you be running for VP while taking a position students vehemently disagree with, or are you going to flip-flop on that, or are you going to lie about it here in public?

    To Maggie Cleary:

    What are your views on gay marriage? An overwhelming amount of students on campus support gay marriage, we deserve to know your views.

    To Vail Kohnert-Yount:

    Why did you run for GUSA Senate in November/December when you knew you would be running for GUSA Executive at the time?

    To Markel Starks:

    How do your experiences on the basketball court translate into GUSA?

    To Sheila Walsh:

    What made you choose to run against Colton Malkerson

    To Sheila Walsh:

    Did Colton offer you the VP spot and you turned him down, or did he buck you entirely and not ask you and just ask Maggie?

  4. To all GUSA Candidates:

    In 250 words or fewer, please state your vision for the United States during the next four years. What do you think are the greatest challenges facing the country? Assume a conflict between Iran and Israel erupts and you receive a 3 AM phone call, what questions would you ask? How would you react? What are your views on gay marriage? Euthanasia? Federal transportation funding? Although these questions have limited to no relevance for GUSA, I demand answers!

  5. @ProuderHoya: The CRs are definitely not “one of the largest groups on campus.”

  6. To Sheila Walsh,

    What did Nate Tisa promise you that made you drop your support for Colton Malkerson? Is your candidacy fueled by jealousy and anger that you were not the VP pick for Malkerson?

  7. Michael Crouch: I noticed that you proposed an internally developed database called RoomCheck in your platform. I have been on the GUSA website and it seems that the infrastructure for that kind of system has been in place for a while now, but is not at all useable because there is no actual information there.

    First, as Secretary of Information and Technology (with responsibility for this system) during the current administration, can you please explain why you took no steps to implement this program?

    Second, what can you offer in the way of assurances that you will keep the promises in your platform, since you had a year to complete this one and did nothing?

  8. Markel Starks: Will you promise us, right here, right now, that you will not seek higher office, or a spot in the NBA draft, in the next 12 months?

  9. @Cool Kid – you are amazing!

    @ProuderHoya – the question was whether or not Maggie Cleary is able to represent ALL students (including LGBTQ students) if she is SIMULTANEOUSLY holding a partisan position. In the case of Vail, she held (as in past tense) a partisan position on campus but has since then finished her term as president of the College Democrats, which actually is one of “the largest groups on campus.” But thanks for also pointing out the timing issue, I mean, how could she possible head “one of the largest groups on campus” AND be VP?

  10. NPR’s Truth-O-Meter & natural distrust of politicians inspired us to do fact-checking on candidate resumes. Most okay, one not…

    Kohnert-Yount: You claim National Merit & AP scholar but alma mater & College Board disagree

    Kohnert-Yount: You are NOT a managing editor at Georgetown Journal of Int’l Affairs

    Either you think your fellow Georgetown students are stupid or your ego is though the roof to think that we would believe that you co-authored House Resolution 1298. And even that document seems to be plagiarized from the Massachusetts bag policy long before. So either you are lying about your resume or plagiarizing documents. Which is it, sweetie?

    Kohnert-Yount You claim Praxis but your only contribution in 5 months looks plagiarized from NPR:
    “Tuition at the University of California, Berkeley, was about $700 a year back in the 1970s. Today, U.C. Berkeley students have to fork over around $15,000 per year. That’s a 2,000 percent increase.”
    – NPR’s website, October 11, 2011

    “While tuition at the University of California, Berkeley, was about $700 a year in the 1970s, today’s Berkeley students pay around $15,000 per year, a 2000% increase that far outpaces inflation.”
    – Vail Kohnert-Yount on her only Praxis blog December 13, 2011

    ( (

  11. This is the saddest, most pathetic thread I’ve ever read on Vox. This is a student government election. Try to be civil people.

  12. You know it’s interesting that of everyone would chose to pick on the girl who has never been written up, has held multiple internships and positions of leadership in many different organizations on campus, but no let’s hang her because she’s a Republican…really mature. And to whoever is going on about the LGBT thing, I would remind you that the first event the GUCR held this year was with the Log Cabin Republicans, which is a Republican lobby group for LGBT issues.

  13. Maggie may not have been written up…same CANNOT be said about Colton though. As we all know, “I know something you should know” : “Malkerson, really? He has multiple violations and was supposed to be kicked out of the apts months ago. He just refuses to surrender his key. The RAs get called to his apt just about every night because they’re so damn loud. He just doesn’t care and refuses to play by the rules. Putting him in charge would be a huge mistake.”

    Also, Joe Knowles put together the Log Cabin Republicans event I’d guess because Maggie would not have had enough time to put that together given how short time she would’ve been President of GUCR. She works for Mitt Romney, as per “Cool Kid,” and just like sustainability, I’d love to know whether she opposes her own platform or opposes her boss RE LGBTQ issues

  14. I think all the campaign managers need to tell their candidates (and vice versa) to stop attempting to settle personal scores via anonymous Vox comments.

    Advice: Grow up and do it in person.

  15. Fuck yall. Imma run next year an put an iraqi flag in red square.

  16. Seriously guys, this needs to stop. It does absolutely no good to attack each other over Vox. This is not how you win votes. Stop spreading rumors about people that you know are false. This is not what GUSA or Georgetown is about.

  17. There really are some important issues and character attacks with no basis in fact don’t really address those.

  18. Joe Knowles had nothing to do with the Log Cabin event. Anyone who knows Joe knows he would never be associated with anything related to gay people. It was all planned by Maggie and it was an excellent event.

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