This week in the Voice: February 16, 2012

As this week’s feature, Rachel Calvert previews next week’s GUSA Executive election, explaining the candidates’ positions on issues ranging from dining services and student space to diversity initiatives and internal GUSA reform.

The Editorial Board officially endorses the Gustafson-Kohnert-Yount ticket in the GUSA Executive election, saying they are the candidates who will truly “get shit done.”

In NewsMorgan Manger examines the GUSA election’s budget debates.

In the Sports pages, Kevin Joseph ponders the uncertain future of Georgetown football after the Patriot League’s decision to allow football scholarships for the first time.

In the Leisure section, John Sapunor asks George Lucas for the $16 he spent on the 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. “Dear Mr. Lucas, You suck.”

Recalling her own experience of the earthquake, Julia Tanaka in Voices calls for better remembrance of the natural disasters that struck Japan eleven months ago.

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