GUSA candidates react to vandalism of Red Square flag poster

Last night, the large American flag turned campaign poster that the Malkerson-Cleary ticket put up in Red Square was vandalized with the words “U.S. WANTED FOR MURDER!” The Department of Public Safety classified the incident as vandalism, and Colton Malkerson (COL ’13) promised in a Youtube video filmed from the scene to return the flag to its original state.

Malkerson’s opponents decried the act.

Nate Tisa (COL ’14) wrote to Vox, “Defacing the American flag, or any flag for that matter, is detestable and should be condemned by the entire community. All candidates for this office are pouring their time and effort into the race and should not be unfairly mistreated. We hope that they are able to repair their signs and move on with the campaign.”

However, Tisa also qualified his remarks, questioning the Malkerson campaign’s decision to use the flag in the first place: “That said, there is inherent risk in connecting something like the American flag so superfluously to a campaign for student government. The Malkerson-Cleary campaign does not lay exclusive claim to America and the sign does not further their issues. Hoyas not in support of their campaign may find their names spread throughout the flag in poor taste, not to mention what it says about inclusion and diversity. Lets move back to the issues at hand.”

Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) wrote in an email, “I hope this was not done by any campaign, I think it would reflect badly on all of the candidates if this election goes negative. We need to remember that this is about the issues and the team that will be able to make the most positive change on campus. I don’t believe that you can make positive change if you are tearing down the other candidates first.”

“I’m highly disappointed that someone would resort to vandalism in order to express his or her views. This is an unfortunate blemish on what has thus far been a positive campaign. I told Colton and Maggie if they need help fixing their sign, I would be glad to pitch in,” wrote Tyler Sax (COL ’13).

Murphy Kate Delaney (COL ’13) wrote, “I was shocked when I saw Colton and Maggie’s American Flag vandalized and was walking past just as Colton and DPS arrived at the scene. I sincerely hope this was not done by any of the other candidates or their campaign teams. The most important thing in this election is to keep everything positive and just run your own race.”

“Regardless of who you are voting for or what you think of the flag, no one should vandalize the hard work any candidate puts into their campaign,” wrote Lauren Weber (COL ’13). “I hope this campus can remember that We are Georgetown, we aren’t just a GUSA ticket or poster. Let’s stay above petty vandalism.”

Photo: Rachel Calvert

8 Comments on “GUSA candidates react to vandalism of Red Square flag poster

  1. Defacing the American flag as well as Colton and Maggie’s poster was wrong and unacceptable. They have both run a very strong campaign and we were especially impressed with the leadership and resolve Colton showed in his video response. We wish Colton and Maggie’s campaign the best moving forward.

  2. Does anyone else think that using the American flag to display your name and campaign is tasteless and crass?

  3. Vandalism or any effort to hinder open discussion of ideas is not something that should be tolerated in any form on our campus.

    However, for a campaign that tries to downplay its link to national politics I think making its campaign symbol the American flag doesn’t exemplify good decision making abilities.

    If Maggie wants to separate herself from the anti-gay platform of the Republican Party that she has promoted on campus, this was a rather poor way to do it.

  4. Nate Tisa showing sympathy for those who would deface a campaign poster? Has anyone else noticed the way his campaign quickly moved their sign lower to prevent the Malkerson-Cleary banner from being reposted? What other depths will this pretender sink to in his reckless campaign? Is he the one responsible for the vandalism? It wouldn’t be surprising…

  5. Why is one of the GUSA candidates tearing down other people’s posters at 1:30 in the morning in Nevils?

  6. @NationalAgenda?

    Maggie Cleary, through GUCR, has brought national leaders in the gay rights movement to Georgetown to discuss their work and liberal stereotypes of the gay community. Furthermore, and not that you have any particular right to know, she has many close friends throughout Georgetown’s official and unofficial LGBTQ community. Saying she supports an anti-gay agenda is about as wrong as you can be, and if you equate the Republican party perfectly with the anti-gay movement you live in a far simpler world than the rest of us.

    Stop telling people to get out of their boxes before getting out of yours.

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