Breaking: Clara Gustafson and Vail Kohnert-Yount win in record-setting election

After weeks of preparation and fourteen days of non-stop campaigning, after two debates, after one defacement, after a record-breaking 3,697 number of first-round votes were counted, and the necessary instant-runoff voting processes were completed, GUSA senators Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13) have been declared the winners of the GUSA executive election.

Over 50 percent of eligible voters participated in what was perhaps the most intense GUSA elections in history. Six rounds of instant-runoff voting were required for the winning ticket to achieve 50 percent of the vote.

In the sixth round, Gustafson and Kohnert-Yount won with 1856 votes, while Murphy Kate Delaney (COL ’13) and Michael Appau (COL ’13) came in second with 1391 votes. Although every round of instant-runoff was necessary, the initial round of results indicated the strength of the Gustafson-Kohnert-Yount ticket. With 1130 first-place votes, the winning pair far outstripped the Delaney-Appau ticket, who received 714 first-place votes.

John Morris (COL ’13) and Lauren Weber (COL ’13) placed third, Colton Malkerson (COL ’13) and Maggie Cleary (COL ’14) finished fourth, Tyler Sax (COL ’13) and Michael Crouch (MSB ’13) placed narrowly behind Malkerson-Cleary in fifth, Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Sheila Walsh (COL ’14) placed sixth, and Daniel LaMagna (COL ’13) and Markel Starks (COL ’14) finished in last place. [Editor’s note: complete vote tallies are available below.]

Replacing the outgoing executive team of Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL ’12), Gustafson and Kohnert-Yount will have to resign their positions in the GUSA senate in order to assume their executive positions.

Until now, the record for votes in an GUSA election was held by the 2006 referendum on the Accountability and Reform Amendment, which tallied 3,554 votes and gave GUSA wide authority over dispensing student organization funds.

19 Comments on “Breaking: Clara Gustafson and Vail Kohnert-Yount win in record-setting election

  1. Congratulations to Clara and Vail. They’ve got a pretty spectacular mandate.

  2. Let’s just hope they’re not as big of a letdown as Obama was.

  3. Daniel LaMagna and A. Markel Starks – 149 voters
    22% (33) Clara Gustafson & Vail Kohnert-Yount
    20% (30) Murphy Kate Delaney & Mike Appau
    9% (13) John Morris & Lauren Weber
    12% (18) Colton Malkerson & Maggie Cleary
    12% (18) Tyler Sax & Michael Crouch
    7% (11) – Nathaniel Tisa & Sheila Walsh
    17% (26) – (No Vote)

    Nathaniel Tisa & Sheila Walsh – 333 voters
    23% (78) Clara Gustafson & Vail Kohnert-Yount
    21% (71) Murphy Kate Delaney & Mike Appau
    12% (40) John Morris & Lauren Weber
    18% (60) Colton Malkerson & Maggie Cleary
    14% (46) Tyler Sax & Michael Crouch
    11% (38) – (No Vote)

    Tyler Sax & Michael Crouch – 455 voters
    29% (130) Clara Gustafson & Vail Kohnert-Yount
    26% (120) Murphy Kate Delaney & Mike Appau
    16% (72) John Morris & Lauren Weber
    22% (98) Colton Malkerson & Maggie Cleary
    8% (35) – (No Vote)

    Colton Malkerson & Maggie Cleary – 591 voters
    34% (203) Clara Gustafson & Vail Kohnert-Yount
    29% (174) Murphy Kate Delaney & Mike Appau
    21% (126) John Morris & Lauren Weber
    15% (88) – (No Vote)

    John Morris & Lauren Weber – 774 voters
    34% (262) Clara Gustafson & Vail Kohnert-Yount
    35% (274) Murphy Kate Delaney & Mike Appau
    31% (238) – (No Vote)

  4. For those not clear, that’s how we delegated the votes. STEWARDS ‘012!!!!!!!

  5. How did the Stewards win if two girls got elected? It’s an all-guys group.

  6. John and Lauren did the worst at mastering IRV by far. By an impressive margin each round…

  7. Well, that was surprising and somewhat heartening. DING-DONG, THE MACHINE IS DEAD (for now). Now if only Georgetown students would mobilize around some real political issues…

    @CH – Word. Compromise with the administration is not how students win at Georgetown.

  8. @Typical – lol. it’s funny how pathetic some sore losers are

    @Fareed – YES.

    Looking forward to a great administration. Congrats Clara and Vail!

  9. Everyone says that they don’t know much about GUSA and want it to change and then they vote for the ticket that is the most embedded in GUSA. A curious trend. I wonder what ticket will eventually be able to overturn this.

  10. If you think the winning ticket was the most embedded in GUSA…you haven’t been paying attention or you worked on someone’s campaign.

  11. Can we please get a count of how many #1 votes were given to Chicken Madness?

  12. hmmm bill clinton LOST his election for east campus student body president and look what happened. We have not heard the last from Mr. Starks nope hes got star power and will win SOMETHING in the future . You can take that shot to the bank. GO hoyas beat nova must game and students FILL THE BOOTH TOMMARROW TO THANK SOME GREAT SENIOR HOYAS YUP fill that booth tommarrow not an 11am or noon or 1 pm game its at 2pm so come on over. go hoyas

  13. Screw the Stewards I’m glad that Starks and Lamagna didn’t win because they’re clearly Illumnati.

  14. At times like these, I’m quite grateful GUSA doesn’t have any actual power.

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