Public Safety Alert: Sexual assault at 36th and N Streets last night

At approximately 2:15 a.m. this morning, a student was sexually assaulted on 36th Street just north of N Street in West Georgetown, according to a public safety alert. The victim was physically injured during the incident. the Metropolitan Police Department responded to the scene and is investigating the incident. MPD and Department of Public Safety personnel canvassed the area with negative results.

The suspect is described as a roughly 6′ white male between 18-22 years old, wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans.

In the alert, DPS also reminded the University community to walk in groups, call SafeRides, or utilize DPS’s safety escorts, which are available 24/7.┬áDPS requests that anyone who has information regarding this incident, or who noticed any suspects before or after the incident, to contact them immediately at (202) 687-4343.

9 Comments on “Public Safety Alert: Sexual assault at 36th and N Streets last night

  1. Any word on why they only included a request to walk in groups and not one urging people not to rape girls on their way home?

  2. Sexual assault includes everything from an untoward butt grab to rape. The focus of the message was probably based on the nature of the incident.

  3. This is really broad. I wish they could be more specific, so we could decide how vociferously we want to search for this ‘bro’. Sometimes, these sexual assaults are a drunk chick getting touched in the butt by a guy she’s bringing home from the bar, and sometimes not. If this is more serious, I think they should say, so we can really be proactive and people get the message about walking home safely, etc.

  4. I think that since the victim was physically injured, it was more than a butt grab

  5. I think DPS did a good job telling people what they need to know while respecting the victim’s privacy. We don’t need to know exactly what happened; as the commenter above me said, it’s most likely at least somewhat serious if the victim was injured.

  6. @(first)Anonymous

    Probably for the same reason they only tell students to lock their doors when a burglary happens and don’t urge people to stop breaking into unlocked homes in the first place.

  7. There’s a point to be made about the type of sexual assault prevention advocated by the administration. Yes, girls should walk in groups and call SafeRides. But the larger issue is men who perpetrate this type of crime don’t see it as such. To debate whether it was a butt-grab or a rape does a disservice to issues of women’s safety and respect as a whole. Neither are okay, and any range of sexual assault should be reported to counter the belief that anyone can get away with this kind of violation.

    This victim is one of us, and I hope that people who think it’s funny to make rape jokes, and those who think Tombs Trivia jokes about “No means Yes” are clever, realize that among their friends are girls who have been sexually assaulted and are only hurt more by their attempts at humor.

  8. Really? You think a girl called DPS because a guy she was bringing home to hook up with touched her butt? Really? You really think that?

    And what the hell kind of women do you surround yourself with that you think ladies are such idiots that they can’t properly identify when it’s necessary to call the police? I seriously want to know the answer.

  9. maybe if DPS spent more time on the street and less time patrolling dorms trying to catch people drinking this wouldn’t have happened

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