GUSA Roundup: There’s no crying in student government

At last night’s meeting, the Georgetown University Student Association senate didn’t pass any laws, but they did pass the torch. The meeting mainly consisted of some affectionate speeches by GUSAphiles on their way out and the certification of the next executive.

“It’s been a phenomenal honor to work with Mike and Greg,” Speaker Adam Talbot (COL ’12) started. “They’re great and their entire administration’s been great. The relationships they’ve built will succeed and outlast them.”

When it was Vice President Greg Laverriere‘s (COL ’12) turn to talk, he first thanked President Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) for the past year. “There are a lot of people who deserve thanks and praise, but in the interest of time, I’m only going to thank one,” Laverriere said, turning to Meaney, “And that’s you.”

“From the late-night arguments to the laughter, to being each others’ plus-ones at every event, I can’t thank you enough for taking a leap of faith a year ago… And with that,” Laverriere continued, starting to tear up, “I can’t thank you enough.”

And Meaney returned the compliment in his address: “The day before I made my final decision, you approached me and had only a few words of advice. You said, ‘No matter who you pick, know that I’m staying with you ‘till the end.’ Asking you to be my Vice President was the single most important decision I’ve ever made. And it was the single best decision I’ve ever made. You made our success possible, and you will never be able to understand how grateful and how thankful I am for your service.”

Meaney concluded his speech by saying how he hopes one day, no one will ask, “What is GUSA?” because everyone will know.

After the executives address the senate, Election Commissioner Adam Giansiracusa (SFS ’12) presented to the senate the results of the executive election for their certification. Of course the senate unanimously certified Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13) as president and vice president-elect. Giansiracusa also commented on the unbelievable success of the election from a voter and candidate turnout perspective, especially since his freshman year saw a candidate run on the “abolish GUSA” platform.

However, he said the one not-successful aspect of the election was the polling location in Leo’s, which received less than 20 voters.

The executive inauguration will take place after spring break. In the mean time, Gustafson and Kohnert-Yount build their executive, and after their inauguration, the senate will hold another election for the three (and probably more) open seats currently in the senate.

Which brings us to the Talbotism of the week: when Laura Kresse‘s (COL ’12) suggested that everyone wear formal-wear to the inauguration, which happens to be on St. Patrick’s Day, the speaker agreed.

“Everyone can dress up or wear their appropriate ethnic garb or whatever–as long as it conveys the gravity of the event,” Talbot said.

4 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: There’s no crying in student government

  1. Thankfully, my kimono conveys the appropriate level of gravity for the occasion.

  2. This post feels like a weird inside joke between 20 people. How about covering some real campus news?

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