GUSA Roundup: What’s a Quorum?

At yesterday’s lightly-attended meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, the senate made some plans for the upcoming inauguration next week and the transition after that. There were no big-ticket issues, so Vox has some miscellany for you.

A few weeks ago, the Finance and Appropriations Committee established the budget for the next financial year. According to Finapp member Bridget Power (COL ’12), there aren’t many surprises in the budget.

“For a number of groups, we gave a 20% increase, which was the funding increase,” she said. “We did have to cut from club sports by a substantial amount from what they got last year.”

For the GUSA Fund, the senate approved allocations for the College Dems to bring the founder of Reddit to campus (co-sponsored by the University and the Lecture Fund), for M.E.Ch.A. to buy a banner for their Caesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning blood drive, and for the step team to have a competition in Lohrfink Auditorium.┬áSpeaker Adam Talbot (COL ’12) noted that the GUSA fund was close to emptying their coffers, and Finapp would consider an additional allocation to them in the coming weeks.

Our favorite Daniel “DJ LaMagnz” LaMagna (COL ’13) made a triumphant return last night as the head of a new student life subcommittee in charge of academic affairs. LaMagna helped organize the “Striking the Balance” event last semester and wants to continue looking into Georgetown’s relationship with the Chinese government with this new subcommittee.

“I guess the whole goal is to inform the student body. We want to do this in a fair and objective way. We don’t have any kind of agenda or whatever. It’s not something there’s a lot of information on, and we feel it’s something students should know,” LaMagna said.

Unrelated, LaMagna assured the senate that he would change the paper on the “GUSA wall” across from UG.

Finally, there will be a Hoya Roundtables about sustainability at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday in Sellinger Lounge.

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  1. @Disappointed

    It was actually really generous of Ryan not to have made fun of what a shambles I was at this meeting.

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