Hurrah! East Campus promised an external AC unit!

Today, housing emailed East Campus to tell the residents that the heat has, in fact, been shut off and air conditioning will be installed.

Dear Nevils and LXR residents:

I write to update you on the status of the air conditioning in your buildings.

The heat has been turned off in your buildings.  A trailer-mounted chiller and generator has been ordered to provide temporary air-conditioning while we await delivery and installation of the permanent chiller and cooling tower.  We hope that this delivery and installation of equipment can be completed by the middle of next week.  The trailers will be set in the courtyard and cordoned off, but I anticipate that passage among Walsh, Nevils and LXR can be maintained through the courtyard.

Your windows have a limited opening for safety and security.  If you have difficulty opening your window, please report the problem to Work Management either online or by phone at 687-3432.  Remember to close and secure your window before you leave your room or apartment.

I hope that you will receive this information as good news and we thank you for your patience.  We will move as quickly as possible to expedite this installation.


Patrick Killilee
Executive Director
Student Housing


2 Comments on “Hurrah! East Campus promised an external AC unit!

  1. Is the permanent chiller being installed by the middle of next week, or the temporary chiller?

  2. Now if only maintenance actually responded to work orders…..

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