No AC in East Campus until May, unfortunately

Last night, the Housing office sent residents of East Campus this uplifting message:

Dear East Campus Residents,

As you settle in after Spring Break, we would like to update you again on the progress of the courtyard construction work in East Campus. A substantial portion of the work is set to be completed as of this Wednesday, March 14, 2012.  We are happy to announce that this means pedestrian access between the Walsh lobby and the Nevils/LXR buildings will be restored as of 12 noon Wednesday.

This means that as of noon Wednesday, access to LXR and interior Nevils apartments will be through the normal doors–Walsh lobby or 35th St LXR lobby. The exterior security doors on N St and 36th St (temporarily accessible during construction) will be closed permanently and re-alarmed to be used in emergencies only. Handicap access to the complex will be available through the Walsh lobby.

While this means you may access the buildings as normal, there are portions of work still ongoing.  Continue to expect construction noise and work as these remaining projects are completed. Parts of the courtyard will remain fenced off throughout, and intermittent disruptions to pedestrian walkways may be necessary. We will provide updates on the progress of the remaining work as it is available to us.

The chiller, which operates the air conditioning for LXR, Nevils and Walsh is being replaced. This project is expected to be completed by early May. In the meantime, there is no air conditioning in these residences halls. The heat needs to remain on in the building, as during this time of year there can be great fluctuations in temperature. We recognize this can be uncomfortable for periods of time. We thank you for your patience as we complete this project.

Thank you for your continued cooperation with the Nevils project work.


Offices of Student Housing

It’s lovely how Housing waits until the middle of the last paragraph to tell the residents of LXR, Nevils and Walsh that they will have no air conditioning until early May. But hey, at least East Campus will still have heating during one of the most unseasonably warm periods in recent D.C. history.

If the ANC was smart about getting students to live on campus, they’d sponsor a crash construction program to get this done in a week. Or buy East Campus residents giant fans.

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