Here are the results of the SFS undergraduate survey

On Tuesday, the president of the SFS Academic Council emailed SFS undergraduates the findings of their undergraduate survey. Intended as a response to the BSFS External Review consultations last spring, the survey was conducted by [Edit] the SFS Academic Council for the BSFS review committee to help them evaluate the SFS experience.

The report has both statistics on student perceptions of the SFS curriculum and the unabridged comments from students. It also makes some preliminary recommendations, like reevaluating which classes can fulfill requirements. On the whole, SFSers seems dissatisfied with having to study four economics courses, happy about their Prosems, and skeptical of adding a science requirement to the core curriculum. In general, the report paints a picture of a student body that is satisfied with its academic experience.

You can read the entire report after the jump, but we thought we’d share this recommendation from the report first:

Allow students to acquire language proficiency in languages not offered at Georgetown – a student coming into freshman year with proficient knowledge in Urdu should not be at a disadvantage over an incoming freshman with proficiency in Farsi.


Sfsac Survey 2011-2012

4 Comments on “Here are the results of the SFS undergraduate survey

  1. Unfortunately, the council lost the answers to one of the more important questions from the survey (asking upperclassman of their opinion of a new science requirement), which is a detrimental mistake. But all in all, a good survey.

  2. Brilliant work! Very detailed and valuable.

  3. SFS lets you obtain proficiency in non-Georgetown-taught languages. I was able to do that with no problem. Just speak to your dean.

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