Always next year: North Carolina State 66, Georgetown 63

John Thompson III had something to say after today’s NCAA Tournament loss:

I don’t know that I’ve ever been as proud to be associated with a group of men, with a team, as much as I am with this team this year. This team, in spite of whatever downs we’ve had, losses like today, has been a really special group that I think has represented themselves, represented our institution, represented their families, represented each other very well. It’s a group that’s given it their all. We haven’t always had success, but it’s a group that all year fought for each other and cared about each other, and I’m proud to be associated with these guys.

We’ve got the full recap up on the main site.

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this post’s title accidentally switched Georgetown and North Carolina State. Would that it were.

5 Comments on “Always next year: North Carolina State 66, Georgetown 63

  1. It’s hard for me to say this but, its time to FIRE JTIII!

  2. You are a dumbass.

    Why would they fire him? Because he took a team with zero expectations and favored by many to finish at the bottom of the big east to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament?

  3. Let’s not be too quick to jump on Caleb King for that comment. The fact of the matter is, JTIII’s Hoyas have failed to reach the Sweet 16 since the Final Four run in 2007, and most of those early exits have came at the hands of teams that Georgetown was favored against. At some point, just getting to the NCAA Tournament isn’t enough.

  4. The fact that we’ve had disappointing ends to the last five seasons against underdog teams is more than enough reason to at least mean the discussion needs to happen. Losing to a 10 seed or lower in four of the last five seasons as a 4 seed or higher each time, and losing in the first round of the fucking NIT in the fifth season is more than enough reason to suggest his departure might need to be necessary.

    And my goodness watching his offense run is like watching paint dry. Greg Monroe was the only one who could make it any more versatile than PASSPASSPASSPASSPASSPASSPASSPASSSHOOTATHREE for the entire game, and they threw away two seasons with him without a single NCAA tournament victory.

  5. This criticism of JTIII might make sense if each year the head coach of Georgetown were handed a top-seeded team in the NCAA tournament and asked to steer it to a Final Four. But unfortunately, each year we actually have to earn high seeds through strong performance in the regular season. You can’t criticize a coach for tournament underperformance without acknowledging the stellar job he has done year in and year out to get those high seeds. Room for improvement? Sure. But consistently fielding top 25 teams is a pretty good benchmark for success. (Oh, and he does have a sweet 16 and final 4 under his belt too.) No too long ago we had an athletic director who thought making the NCAA tournament each year was an unreasonably expectation. Thanks to JTIII our sights are now set higher, but let’s not lose perspective.

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