Comments of the Week: March 18th is a cursed day

After Georgetown’s disappointingly routine early exit from the NCAA tournament yesterday, Caleb King was already pointing fingers:

It’s hard for me to say this but, its time to FIRE JTIII!

@Caleb King defended our oft-criticized head coach:

You are a dumbass.

Why would they fire him? Because he took a team with zero expectations and favored by many to finish at the bottom of the big east to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament?

In non-incredibly sad basketball news, Wiz Khalifa was announced last week as the headliner of the Spring Concert. Here is one Hoya‘s reaction:

Great to see a headliner for my senior year be someone who just casually drops “faggot” in his lyrics. Hoya Saxa everyone!

That’s odd, we feel like that’s not something to be excited about. It’s so difficult to distinguish tone on the Internet.

A mere four minutes after Vox posted its weekly roundup of what is our print edition (published every Thursday), typical had us pegged:

glad to see that the Voice is still taking talking points from David Axelrod.

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