Twuesday Tweetacular: The Newt of All Evil

Victoria Briody is probably not the only student on campus who wasn’t thrilled to hear about Newt Gingrich Wednesday evening speech in Gaston. But come on Hoyas, this guy’s had it hard enough on the campaign trail; an empty Gaston may just about break his heart.

What Eric Begoun doesn’t know is the golf cart was actually an upgrade from the widely disparaged Facilities monorail system.

It may be awkward for Joseph Graumann to say he has the body of Christ in his teeth, but it’s even more awkward trying to dislodge the body of Christ using a cross as a toothpick.

We apologize, Evan Sterrett, for distracting you from your tweeting and your hashtagging. We got too excited about the hilarious Youtube video we just saw and will soon forget.

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