Public Safety Alert: Taxi driver assaults student

At approximately midnight last night, a Georgetown student was assaulted by a taxi driver transporting the student back to campus. The driver also made inappropriate sexual comments to the student, according to a public safety alert about the incident.

The student reported the incident to the Department of Public Safety at 1:23 a.m. this morning. the Metropolitan Police Department and DPS are currently investigating the incident. The alert describes the taxi driver as a Middle Eastern or African male with short, curly black hair, who speaks with an accent.

DPS requests that anyone who has information regarding this incident, or who noticed any suspects before or after the incident, to contact them immediately at (202) 687-4343.

5 Comments on “Public Safety Alert: Taxi driver assaults student

  1. I hope they find him. The same happened to me while I was at Georgetown.

  2. With that description how could they not find him?

  3. @mostwanted,

    I thought the same thing. That description should pin it right down to about 70% of the cab drivers in DC.

  4. I will say there is a 99% chance that the person who did this is an illegal driver who isn’t licensed to drive a cab in the District. How come the number of assaults against the riding public by cab drivers rose sharply all of a sudden? DC police and the hack-inspectors need to go after these illegal hackers who have nothing to loose, instead of harassing legitimate cab drivers for having an incomplete manifests.

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