Shark Week in the Voice: April 1, 2012

Look out, Hoyas! It’s Shark Week at the Voice! Editorials, Leisure, Voices, Page 13 and most of Sports are dedicated to all things shark this week. If you’ve got the nerve to confront the ocean’s fiercest predator, then pick up a copy today!

In Editorials, the editorial board calls on all shark nations to jointly address the environmental destruction caused by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

For News, Connor Jones reports on the possible increase in federally subsidized Stafford loan interests rates from 3.4 to 6.8 percent, and the efforts of campus leaders to call on Congress to act before rates rise on July 30.

In Sports, columnist¬†Tim Shine tells everyone to calm down about junior forward Hollis Thompson’s unsurprising¬†decision to enter the NBA Draft and forgo his senior year.

On Page 13, DinoJack must protect Georgetown from MegaShark and his evil shark minions!

And finally in Voices, Jake Schindler criticizes the Discovery Channel for its overdone focus on sharks, declaring, “Sharks will not rest until they have destroyed every bastion of decency and good taste in Western culture.”

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