Comments of the Week: A puppy is cuter than a Newt

On Wednesday evening, GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich spoke to a sizable audience in Gaston Hall, while a protest of slightly smaller size took place outside Healy Hall.

If we told typical that a former Vox editor was Chair of GU College Republicans, he might actually die of shock.

“[Editor’s note: Stangler is a Voice staffer]”

[Reader’s note: excuse me while I die of shock]

Very Impressive thinks very highly of the protestors‘ loquacious expostulation, based on a de/gendered-Baudrillardian discourse of granulated subjectivity:

You must have gone to college Gina!!! You already sound like a po-mo professor infused with some lefty mysticism (voices amplified by their collectiveness). Great work. For the perplexed, a great guide on how to speak post modern. You are an inspiration to us all.

In response to Newt’s professed appreciation of zoos, Newt himself offered this ambitious vision:

If elected, I will build a zoo on the moon with our colony

While Gingrich’s speech may have been the most important human news this week, he doesn’t hold a candle to the announcement of a new mascot-in-training. CH distilled the splendidly cute news down to three words:


6 Comments on “Comments of the Week: A puppy is cuter than a Newt

  1. Also, why do you think I’m a man? That’s sexism!!!!

  2. There are so many typicals making noise in the comments these days, I guess I just went with the stereotypical pronoun.

  3. I was trolling you, Jackson. Also, there is only one typical!

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