Comments of the Week: Campus Plan negotiations resurrected

Last week, neighborhood groups and the University announced the restart of negotiations over 2010 Campus Plan, asking the Zoning Commission to postpone their hearings on the matter to allow the new round of talks to proceed.

An exasperated Steven sees the process extending into the next calendar year:

It’s literally going to be 2013 before we approve a plan that was supposed to affect what we did in 2010.

typical asked the question that immediately came to Vox‘s inflatables-obsessed mind. And the answer is no:

does this mean we can have georgetown day back?

At the same ANC meeting, the University also presented revised plans for the proposed Athletic Training Facility. While the ANC approved the revisions, it also sniffed about “less than fully efficient use of space,” perhaps alluding to one neighbor’s suggestion to put a dorm on top of the new ATF building.

Clearly miffed by such fussiness, JustSaying did not show proper respect for his elders:

I am concerned about the neighbors’ less than fully efficient use of their lives. Where do I submit my testimony?

Nevertheless gc83 saw the silver lining in the neighbors’ consistent demands for dorm space to be added on top of any new construction:


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