Twuesday Tweetacular: The bunny or the egg?

Michelle Pliskin brings up an important discrepancy in Easter traditions. Still, the biggest Easter mystery has to be the popularity of Peeps.

University spokeswoman Stacy Kerr may be trying to get Americans jealous over England’s royal marriage festivities. Nice try: we’d much rather watch the Masters over some antiquated event filled with unnecessary pomp and circumstance that adds yet another person to an overwhelmingly white group of old golfers.

Alexandra Dudziuk may think her domestic duties sound banal, but she couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just think: if Henry David Thoreau were still alive, he’d be Tweeting about the same things.

Voice assistant leisure editor Kirill Makarenko demonstrates how we are reliant on television shows to obtain moral values, but this whole Canadian egalitarian concept may be a lesson too large for the common viewer to swallow.

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