Comments of the Week: A new Provost and a new mascot

The debate over the appointment of Robert Groves as Provost and what it means for Georgetown’s Jesuit identity notwithstanding, most of the comments this past week concerned animalian topics.

With the official induction of JJ into the hallowed fraternity of Hoyas mascots, momzerme thinks Jack the Bulldog’s days are numbered.

Georgetown has cheerleaders? Who knew? Now that the puppy is here, what does that portend for Jack? Upcoming vet appointment?

@momzerme also thinks the injured Jack is headed for greener pastures:

I would assume as such. Doggy ACLs are so expensive to repair.


Woof! has clearly moved on:

I, for one, welcome our new puppy overlord

typical thought New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States avoided the most pressing question affecting Kiwis since the Battle of Five Armies:

How does his Excellency propose dealing with the growing threat from Mordor?

One Comment on “Comments of the Week: A new Provost and a new mascot

  1. Vox,

    By my count this is the fifth week in a row that I’ve made Comment of the Week. Could you just put me on staff already?

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