GUSA Roundup: Outdoors and taking roll

Yesterday, the Georgetown University Student Association met on Copley Lawn to welcome new senators from the recent by-election, to move forward on the Harbin Patio games program, and to institute harsher punishment for frequently absent senators.

Like lambs to the slaughter

On Saturday, the winners of GUSA senate election were announced: Sam Greco (SFS ’15) won the at large election with 304 votes in the third round; Andrew Markel (SFS ’15) won Harbin 2-5 with 45 votes, Galen Weber (SFS ’13) won Nevils with 33 votes, and Vetone Ivezaj (COL ’13) won Village A A-D with 39 votes. The seat for Village A E-H is remaining absent for the rest of the year because there was no serious candidate.

After they took the oath to defend GUSA against all enemies, the senate moved on.

I, (name), do hereby affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution and By-Laws of the Georgetown University Student Association against all enemies, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

It’s all fun and games until the space becomes actually useful

Senator Ben Weiss (COL ’15) is creating a rental program for “stationary games” on Harbin Patio. Weiss explained that the Harbin Patio is currently underutilized, and that he is in the process of creating a creating a rental program for games out of the Village C RHO.

However, the only games allowed on the patio by the university are “standing games,” like cornhole toss, according to Weiss. Because of an incident several years ago, the university doesn’t allow “ball-playing games” on the patio. Although there will need to be a follow-up meeting to find funding for the program, Weiss said that all the appropriate administrators are on board with the program.

If implemented, the program will be reviewed by the senate next spring, and they may consider expanding it to other RHOs and areas of campus.

80 percent of GUSA is just showing up

The senate also passed a law updating their own attendance policies. Based on some astoundingly poor attendance from certain senators, Weiss introduced a bill putting harsher caps on unexcused absences, changed the use of proxies.

Under the new legislation, a senator is only allowed two unexcused absences (valid excuses are determined by the speaker, to whom the excuse must be submitted). After two unexcused absences, the senator will be privately, then publicly censured, then finally removed from the senate.

Also, proxies were changed so that they can no longer be current senators. Over the past year, senators who didn’t want to attend the meetings would Gchat their votes to senators who were there, and that senator would vote for both. Now, proxies have to be non-senators. According to Talbot, the proxy role was created two years ago with the intent of it not being a current senator.

Most everyone was fine with these changes, except for Ziad Jawadi (COL ’15) who wanted to remove the bit about the proxies. According to him, a lot of the time, senators have papers to finish, so they can’t come. Or in the case of off-campus senators, getting to the meetings can be a burden.

But no one took him seriously, and the bill passed.

This week’s Talbotism was submitted by Laura Kresse (SFS ’12), who wanted to applaud the speaker for being so cool as to move the meeting outside.

5 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: Outdoors and taking roll

  1. Before you retire, Ryan, I want you to admit you’ve enjoyed your time covering GUSA.

  2. Get we get some details on Georgetown Day? Like… are we actually allowed on the lawn?


    This was actually discussed in some length at the meeting, and Clara and Vail are coordinating the GUSA effort on the student Planning Committee which has done its best to pick up the slack the University has abandoned. The University will still be paying for security, I believe.

    We’re patching together as much funding as we can from across campus; there will be food and amenities to be had in Red Square on the lawn. Corp has donated ~1000 water bottles, GU Pride is furnishing a dunk tank, etc. Students are doing what they can, but I understand the planning committee need people to sign up to volunteer:

    Go there!

  4. For all of the speaker’s talk of reform and the numerous promises and platitudes foisted upon the student body each year, this post demonstrates that the eternal problems of GUSA: it has no electoral legitimacy, its members refuse to do the jobs their 30 acquaintances (sorry, “constituents”) pick them for and whatever is proposed is immediately buried under a mountain of paperwork, meetings and “consultations.” Meanwhile, the administration runs roughshod over things students actually care about, like Healy Pub or Georgetown Day while we are treated to a spectacle of pompous oaths and procedures by Talbot and his Potemkin legislature.

    Get it through your heads people, student “leadership positions” have nothing to do with leadership and everything to do with positioning.

  5. I do appreciate a good Potemkin reference. Rest of the reply was a little boring though. Hope you volunteered for Georgetown Day!

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