This Week in the Voice: April 19, 2012

In this week’s feature, Gavin Bade dives into the District’s jazz scene, from Columbia Heights to U Street, and Duke Ellington to H Street NE:

Even if it is a smaller, less prestigious scene, D.C. has certain elements that New York lacks. “There is a lot of truth to the idea that in New York people are just playing chops all the time, and trying to sound all wild and out and on the next thing when they’re really sort of on their own thing,” Russonello said. “Whereas in D.C., it’s like, ‘Alright, what can everyone get together around? What can we all connect with?’” New York may have a reputation for more innovation in the music, but the D.C. scene offers “music that is both for the musicians and the audience.”

On the editorials page, the ed board hopes the University community uses Saturday’s planned conferral of an honorary degree on D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson (SFS ’92, G ’07) as an opportunity to examine her complex record of education reform in the district.

In NewsConnor Jones reports on student-led efforts to convince the University to influence Adidas to pay severance to 2,800 workers recently laid off from an Indonesian factory that supplied the apparel company.

In Sports, Tim Shine writes about basketball.

For LeisureMary Borowiec profiles the glitter-based art of Julien Isaacs (SFS ’12), whose new exhibit Divine Chaos is on display at the Adams Morgan coffeehouse Tryst until the end of May. “For me it has been about capturing that light in my art. Glitter does that. It is a little piece of heaven,” Isaacs said.

For his final issue as the secretive editor of Page 13, Rob Sapunor offers a campus plan that will satisfy zero of the neighbors (and only half of the campus’ bulldog population), just like any other proposed campus plan that does not include Georgetown relinquishing its status as a residential university.

And finally in Voices, Keaton Hoffman calls for 21st-century development and humanitarian efforts that harness the powerful optimism of youth voices and shrug off the cynicism of academic and media elites.

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