Spotted: new Vox editor takes the reins, leaves the cannoli

New Vox matriarch here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Georgetown’s elite.

My right-hand muckrakers, assistant blog editors Connor Jones and Morgan Manger, will be lurking the grounds of Red Square, Copley Lawn, and Leavey esplanade for the latest on midget tossing with President DeGioia and lazy students who can’t manage to do their own laundry.

As I embark on what I expect to be a simultaneously glorious and painful journey, here lay my top four Vox Girl mantras:

1. One good scandal deserves another. Wonder who’s going down next? Step aside and allow Vox’s talented staff to expose Georgetown’s deepest, darkest secrets. Or just post a picture of an adorable puppy.

2. One thing about being on the top of the world … it gives you a long, long way to fall. So to all Vox commentors; well, bring it on.

3. There’s nothing Vox likes more than a good catfight.

4. When words get in the way, there’s really only one thing left to do. Play tic-tac-toe repeatedly. Against yourself.

While I might be off to a slow start during these first weeks, look forward to procrastinating with access to coverage on Georgetown Day, free food, relaxation techniques for finals, and Senior Week shenanigans.

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me. XOXO,

Vox-y Girl

16 Comments on “Spotted: new Vox editor takes the reins, leaves the cannoli

  1. I remember when people were talking about Vox Populi becoming the greatest news source on campus in its own right, surpassing both the Hoya and the print edition of the Voice. I recognize blogs have a decreased level of formality, but the novelty of Blingee has worn off (not that it gave it much redeeming value in the first place), and Vox Pupli was always an out of-place feature.

    I hope Vox gets back on track to being a serious institution again.

  2. Don’t be such a killjoy, Dougie! We’re celebrating over here! Vox-y girl- can’t wait for your reign of amazingness to be unleashed, and if this post was any sign of what’s to come, I can’t wait for the new heights of hard-hitting-while-simultaneously-blinged-out news to which you’ll bring vox. (And don’t worry Doug, if you want someone to make a blingee mem of you, I’m sure we can help you out.)

  3. Vox and the Voice pride themselves on being able to come up with the big “gotcha” story that embarrasses a serious institution or group of students.

    My question is, who watches the watchmen?

  4. I really hope you bring VoxPop back to what it was a year ago. Jackson was great according to some, but it was the same shit over and over and over again. It was lazy. VoxPup, basketball, ANC/GUSA wrap-ups, repeat. I beg you to actually make VoxPop interesting to read again. In short, put new, interesting stories up, and do it more than once every 2 weeks!

  5. Hey Doug – you know who else hates Vox Pupuli? Terrorists. Are you a terrorist, Doug?

  6. i for one welcome our blingy star studded overlords.

    also. for serious, bring it back.

  7. First and foremost, I second everything New Leaf? said.

    KF: I hold to the radical belief that one can be serious, without taking oneself too seriously.

    Asuka: no. But I do hear the Nazis also hate Vox Pupuli, and I decline to specify my association, or lack thereof, with them.

    Finally, the comment system isn’t returning me to the original post or main page after I comment, just a blank screen.

  8. my first complaint is that there are too many links. I clicked them all and I had so many tabs open I forgot what I was doing and i ended up accidentally subscribing to the Leo’s twitter. Now I’m getting a live newsfeed on what kind of mayonnaise stacy is making, so that’s kind of cool I guess.

    Secondly, what is with the name of this blog? Vox Populi? Latin for “Voice of a Poplar Tree” – i don’t know what sort of hippy-ass, earth-day-celebrating, global warming-supporting, tree-hugging, animal rights-liking, no-meat-having agenda you’re trying to push, but I ain’t having none of it. I know you’re Cherokee or something, Voxya, but this is America now.

    Otherwise good job

  9. … but I’m sure there’s more news out than what’s been reported in the past 6 months or so on this blog. I’m with @New Leaf? on this one – looking forward/desperately hoping for more varied, frequent content! Just scanning down the past few weeks of posts and seeing less than 5 comments, if any, on each post makes me a sad Vox Pop reader.

    Keep it juicy, Vox-y girl.

  10. mr. doo$h, “vox populi” is quite clearly Latin for “voice of the people”

    now will y’all stop complaining and let Vox-y girl get through her first post without being completely demoralized?

  11. shout out to mah foxy gurl. #blingbling #guccigucci #luhhyou

  12. Welcome Voxy.

    Fewer links.

    Serenity now.

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