What does Georgetown Day mean to you?

After recent emails and articles telling us what’s important about Georgetown Day, Vox decided we want to know what our readers think  makes Georgetown Day so neat.  It’s time to find out what the people really like.  So, neighbors, administrators, professors, people who work at Kitchen No. 1, inflatable moon bounce peddlers, and even students, what does Georgetown Day mean to you?

6 Comments on “What does Georgetown Day mean to you?

  1. Thank you, Nick, for expressing all of the possible options…

  2. Hey! Some of us also spend our Gtown Days getting high. Isn’t this event supposed to be about inclusiveness??

  3. Hey!

    What about the whole, “spending time outside with friends that I won’t see all summer” aspect? Granted, drinking is an important part of my Georgetown day, but there’s way more to it than that.

  4. Agreed. Whether you do it or not, there should be some kind of ‘other’ choice in the poll.

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