Students propose Leavey Esplanade for alternative Georgetown Day

Wednesday night at 10pm, “Saxa Silence Dogood” and “Cura P. Workinggroup”—ostensibly Georgetown students—created an event called “Georgetown Day Study Group on Leavey Esplanade.” Within the span of three hours, 1,000 had clicked “attending.”

Although the maximum capacity of the Leavey Esplanade remains unclear, it was probably not calculated to include a sixth of the student body—plus kegs and kiddie pools. Or kiddie pools filled with beer. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. If nothing else, Georgetown Day roamers have the will to study.

In any case, given the administration’s resolve to kill all the fun hamper the Georgetown Day festivities, a thousand students and counting are in the market for an alternative to the nostalgic fun-fest fostered by inflatables on the lawn.

Submitted for your enjoyment, dear readers, are some highlights from the “Study Group” wall:

The event creators refer to themselves as “The Committee.”

Videos posted: “(You Gotta) Fight for your Right (to Party!)” by the Beastie Boys, and “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister, and “Fuck the Police” by N.W.A.

Hashtags employed: #De-OccupyHealylawn, #hoyapride

And, last but not least, our beloved Derrik Sweeney (COL ’13) encourages the comparison to the Egyptian revolution:

As of 2:12am, 1,174 clicked “attending” on the event page.

Meme: John Sapunor

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to spell two real students’ names correctly. The Voice sincerely hopes the two weren’t offended by our error.

7 Comments on “Students propose Leavey Esplanade for alternative Georgetown Day

  1. President DeGioia, I would highly encourage you NOT to barricade Copley Lawn.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the article – we’re really excited about this grassroots movement (though it’s Saxa Silence Dogood – from

    Also, wanted to put this out here, too, which we posted on our event page a few minutes ago:

    While we’re as excited about the Georgetown Day Study Group as all of you are, the extraordinary response to this group has given us renewed hope in the activist power of the Hoya community.

    So we’ve prepared a form e-mail to President DeGioia asking him to reconsider the plans to barricade Copley Lawn and give us back our Georgetown Day.

    Please take 30 seconds to copy and paste the letter. Please, don’t be rude or spammy. Let’s show the administration that we’re civil, but we believe strongly that Copley Lawn should be open to everyone on Georgetown Day.

    You can send it to netIDs:
    – jaf (Pres. DeGioia’s Chief of Staff)
    – tao4 (Vice President for Student Affairs)

    Again. Just copy and paste and fill in your own information. Being rude will help no one. Please used this reasoned letter. Thanks!

    Dear President DeGioia,

    I am a student and a member of the Georgetown University community, and I am writing to express my frustration at the news that Copley Lawn will be barricaded and turned into a security zone on Georgetown Day this year.

    President DeGioia, we understand your desire to provide a safe and secure environment for all of us, and we appreciate it. And we understood the desire for security screening around last year’s beer garden in order to prevent the University from serving alcohol to minors.

    But relaxing freely on Copley Lawn has been a tradition for the last decade, and it has not resulted in any serious injuries or problems. What is different about this year from any year before? Why must we submit to a security screening in order to simply sit on the grass and lounge in the sun?

    President DeGioia, we celebrate the Georgetown community all year long. I challenge you to find another college where students live out the values of their institution day in, day out the way that Hoyas do.

    But Georgetown Day is more than that. It is an event that brings the student community on this campus together. It is a day when we gather to celebrate the culmination of our academic year and relax before the whirlwind of finals season. Forcing us to submit to an unreasonable search runs directly counter to the spirit of the day.

    President DeGioia, please take down the barricades, put a stop to the plan to kettle us, and restore our freedom of movement on Friday.

    [Your name]

  3. The Georgetown Administration, like the Student Body of its own conception, bears within it the seeds of its own destruction.

  4. Also worth noting is Vox’s wonderful contribution to the FB Post, namely spamming all 1,000+ members twice to encourage them to visit its own poll. As we all know, there is no better way of maintaining journalistic integrity than blatantly self-promoting and advertising through social media.

  5. @Pop-Up Blocker:

    Please revise your definition of “spam.” Receiving two notifications is not spam. Unless you received all 2500+ notifications, then referring to the “spam” as a single body of communication is fallacious. The notifications were disperssed equitably across all receiving parties. You can hence call them communist, but not spam.

    Furthermore, social media is a marketing tool. What you consider a loss of journalistic integrity, society views as a push for readership, and nothing more. Until Vox starts taking donations from the Democratic Party, starts co-promoting with the DPRK, or “finds” meth in a GU dorm, I ask that you refrain from using the term “journalistic integrity” out of context.

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