Steps of Dahlgren Chapel littered with condoms, cups, and alcohol

At 10:30pm on Tuesday night, a group of approximately 20 or 30 students left the steps of Dalhgren Chapel strewn with trash that included dozens of small paper cups filled with unidentifiable liquids, both open and closed condom packs, a bottle of liquor, and condoms wrapped around bananas.

Students studying in Maguire Hall with the windows open heard the group approach Dahlgren Quad. “I think we heard the phrase ‘whoever gets the most condoms from one end of the quad to the other in their basket wins,'” Ron Boehmer (COL ’12) said. ¬†“People just started running, looking for condoms, and took them over to the chapel.”

According to Boehmer, a DPS officer came out of Healy Hall in response to the loud commotion, prompting the students to run away immediately. The officer walked away after the students left, not noticing the mess in front of the Chapel.

Boehmer mentioned that the group seemed like upperclassmen, but could not identify any of the students. “It was more like an initiation-type thing, it didn’t seem like a protest,” Boehmer said. Twitter was abuzz with suppositions that the act was meant to make a point about the recent debate over contraception in Georgetown’s health care, but Boehmer did not see or hear anything that indicated the group had any clear motivation or goal.

Students also expressed the blatant lack of respect the action demonstrated to the sacred location. “It is¬†disrespectful to Georgetown’s Catholic identity to leave these items in one of Georgetown’s most sacred spaces. Many members of the Catholic faith on campus, including the Jesuits, an institution of Georgetown, would be shocked to find this scene at Dahlgren Chapel on their way to practice their faith,” Boehmer said.

Update: 2:50AM Vox obtained a screenshot of a Facebook conversation between students, presumably members of the intramural volleyball club, describing the night’s events. Based on the evidence, it appears that the condoms were placed in the fountain of Dahlgren Quad for the students to collect.

Picture of the conversation below:

Vox will continue to update this post as we learn more about the situation.

Photos of Dahlgren Quad taken by Kirill Makarenko


29 Comments on “Steps of Dahlgren Chapel littered with condoms, cups, and alcohol

  1. Wasn’t the Corp’s Holiday Inn tonight? Wouldn’t put it past them…

  2. Wow. Just wow. I blame the Corpies, cause the biddies I saw walking out with Burnett’s (which is evident in this picture) were definitely Corpies. But JK, all of Georgetown drinks that piss-water.

  3. I want to know why if someone knew about this starting at 1030 pm it took until 1 am for someone to call DOPS and for someone else to go clean the steps up.

  4. @Why…. The Corp’s event was over 20 minutes away from campus when this incident happened. Don’t start pointing fingers.

  5. So apparently it might have been the volleyball team? Someone confirm this.

  6. @Please

    My bad. Shouldn’t have pointed that finger. Corpies are still pretty weird though

  7. An anonymous email was sent to specific upperclassmen tonight telling them to be in Dahlgren Quad tonight around this time. Sounds like the work of one of Georgetown’s ridiculously lame secret societies.

  8. Which upperclass and which group?

  9. If it were a volleyball initiation, you’d expect it to be all girls, and you’d expect the eyewitnesses to take note of that fact.

  10. As one of the people who was contacted by the secret society, I can tell you that we were asked to be there an hour and a half prior to this incident and that we had nothing to do with it. Our endeavor was much more cordial, fun and reflective.

  11. Godwin’s law, amended: As a Vox comment thread grows longer, the probability of someone blaming a random event on the Stewards approaches 1.

    But rarely does an actual Steward appear to deny responsibility … SUSPICIOUS.

  12. Jesus Christ, the righteous indignation going on here- yes it was stupid. yes responsible parties will be punished. The majority of Georgetown students violate school rules (drinking underage, cohabitation, providing alcohol to underage students, drinking underage), and there’s a saying about people in glass houses. What is our interest in outing some club volleyball inductees? Leave that to DPS officers who are bored now that quiet hours have begun. It’s the administration’s job to police us, and our job to defy them.

  13. Did you know that DPS has a twitter? It’s true! They’ve got only 4 followers and no tweets, but @GtownDPS exists. Such a wonderful resource gone to waste.

  14. Any evidence or hints shouldn’t be sent to the Voice. They should be sent to DPS. Sorry, Vanya.

  15. @Student, People send in tips to the press all the time.

  16. Yea, that’s fine if they do, but if the student is legitimately wondering where to send them, they shouldn’t think they should just send them to the Voice and all will be resolved – they should also send them to DPS

    More importantly, why are the comments about the facebook evidence being deleted?

  17. I requested that the comments be deleted, after I properly sent the evidence to DPS.

  18. Kirill would like such a post as said by the photo saying “you like this.” The whited out post is way too long to hide that. Disgusting.

  19. Oh yes twitter was abuzz after all two posts we made about it.

  20. Wow, a group of drunk kids left some trash behind. What’s next, we’re going to get updates on Vox each time Jack the Bulldog poops somewhere? Seriously, this shouldn’t even be news.

  21. @ Really?

    I don’t know how you were raised by I was taught you don’t trash someone else’s place. And second, this is not some Village A rooftop, its a house of worship.

    Jack, lovable as he is, is an animal. The people who did this would do well to try and act like human beings.

  22. Clarification: Kirill Makarenko did not send the photograph of the screenshot. The image was sent by a student anonymously to the Voice blog email. Sorry for the confusion.

  23. It seems pretty clear that this was a competition, and I’d like to think that if DPS hadn’t shown up that they probably would have cleaned up their mess. Can you really blame them for leaving once DPS was there?

    That being said, the “house of worship” was in no way damaged or a part of this event unless you really consider the stairs to be part of the building. This was not a disrespectful act. Yes, it was dumb and unfortunate that they left a mess that someone else had to clean up, but I’d really like to think there are more important things happening than some students enjoying their study days.

  24. I think “enjoying your study days” and “trashing Dahlgren Quad with condoms” aren’t necessarily the same thing. This was ridiculously immature and some DPS officer or facilities worker was left to clean up after a bunch of privileged drunks. Unimpressed.

  25. If anyone is a victim in this situation it’s the person who had to clean it up.

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