UPDATE: Alleged Healy clock thieves send photo of hands to Georgetown community, play with press because they can

At 2:36 a.m. today, the Voice received an email addressed to “the faculty, staff, and students of Georgetown University” from three people claiming to be the thieves of the Healy Clock hands. The senders, who went by the names “Reaper, Goliath, and Juliet” and sent the message through a hushmail email address, told of how they “gained access to the restricted area above Healy Hall” despite “a series of countermeasures and obstacles.” The email also included a screenshot (again, covering their tracks) of the hands, pictured left, as proof of the senders’s validity.

And for those of us concerned with tradition, the thieves assure us that the hands are currently on their way to the Vatican. Hoya Saxa, Pope Benedict.

The full text of the email is below:

To the faculty, staff, and students of Georgetown University:

Early in the afternoon of Sunday, April 29th 2012, Reaper, Goliath, and Juliet gained access to the restricted area above Healy Hall. After overcoming a series of countermeasures and obstacles, they entered the clock tower. In the early morning hours of April 30th the crew extinguished the lights and carefully removed the hands from the eastern clock face. After the fifteen hour operation, all three safely exited the building and removed the hands to a secure location. All may rest assured that the clock itself was not damaged in any way during the operation, and the hands are now safely en route to Vatican City to receive the blessing of Pope Benedict XVI.
Hoya Saxa!
Reaper, Goliath, and Juliet
P.S. The view from the top is truly phenomenal.

8 Comments on “UPDATE: Alleged Healy clock thieves send photo of hands to Georgetown community, play with press because they can

  1. What’s sticking out on the mid-left side of the picture?

  2. Looks like a piece of the hostage takers’ rope.

  3. The law will be upheld! These thieves will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! We have some leads already.


  4. We’re already on your side, you three, no need to showboat.

    And props for the Poirot reference.

  5. I think they just wanted everyone to know the clock is alright and the hands are on the way to the pope.

  6. Hopefully, the Pope will melt down some of the Vatican’s vast gold reserves and regild the hands before sending them back. It’ll be the least he can do.

  7. Please, let’s share these “truly phenomenal” views! President DeGoia, why not send a photographer to the tower for some shots from the Healy Lawn and Quadrangle sides of the clock face before the hands are reinstalled? I woudl pay for a print or two.

  8. Why not let people go up there once a year to steal the hands on traditions day in a safe way? Or open a coffee shop on the roof of Reiss science building? These views are too valuable to go unutilized and the university is wasting some of it’s best resources by squashing legends and locking up scenery…

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