University replaces Healy clock hands, missing hands in limbo

Update (5:00 p.m.) : The hands were re-installed on both faces of the clock this morning, Pugh said in an email to Vox. One of the hand sets was previously in storage, and Pugh added that “the missing hands have not been recovered.”

Update (3:00 p.m.): According to Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh, the hands were replaced by the University.

Some time late last night or early this morning, Healy clock tower’s hands were returned to their original place, safe and intact. It is unclear whether the University replaced them or the thieves.

The clock hands were missing for eight days. The thieves sent an email to the Georgetown community last Wednesday, May 2, claiming the hands were en route to Vatican City.

Vox had the opportunity to speak with one of the former Healy clock thieves from 2005 who preferred to remain anonymous. He alleged that the clock hands are very easy to take down and do not weigh more than five pounds.

He also stressed that the administration should be more accepting of this tradition. “We like to talk about it on student tours, maybe we could actually harness [the tradition]. We could open one of the doors of Healy and have somebody symbolically steal the hands, [the University] could embrace it … but instead they are acting like its unsafe. But the truth is it’s not unsafe at all,” he said. “To me it’s one of the least dangerous things I’ve done in my life, it’s more dangerous to drive to work each day.”

The damage done in 2005 was under $500 and the two thieves were not expelled for their actions.

6 Comments on “University replaces Healy clock hands, missing hands in limbo

  1. But what about that $25,000 claim that Rachel Pugh (Director of Media Relations) made to the Hoya about the 2005 incident??? Maybe that includes the amount the administrators got paid to punish the students

  2. Huh? Remain anonymous? We already know who did it in 05.

    Would really love a follow up by the people who did it. Unless the story comes out how they got back, people will just assume they’re replacements.

  3. @Whoa,

    Apparently that time the clock was damaged…maybe this time the folks did a better job at taking the hands but leaving the actual clock unscathed.

  4. The University did point out that extra hands were available in case the stolen hands were not recovered shortly. They must have gotten tired of waiting and installed the backups.

  5. They are extras/replacements. OR Seal Team Six is at it again and someone is missing an eye and their entire library of adult material is now in the hands of the US Navy. All for the clock. Or they’re extras/replacements.

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