Comments of the Week: It’s a trap!

This week, as the semester came to a close, a new set of Healy clock hands adorned the face of the tower. As Hoyas slowly leave the hilltop, Vox commenters had a few things to say.

Students woke up to replaced clock hands at the top of Healy Hall; it was initially unclear who the mysterious angels were who put them back up. GFK and Admiral Ackbar began ruminating on the possibilities:

GFK: The University did point out that extra hands were available in case the stolen hands were not recovered shortly. They must have gotten tired of waiting and installed the backups.

Admiral Ackbar: Or it’s a trap!

When Georgetown tapped Kathleen Sebelius as a graduation speaker, conservative Catholics condemned the University for its decision to honor a pro-choice politician. not typical anymore proposed we find more ways to incite the anger of the Cardinal Newman Society:

Can we do more things that get the CNS angry with us? As a non-reactionary Catholic, nothing would make me happier.

With the news that the Healy clock hands may have cost as little as $500 to repair, d00$h had this observation.

Well if killing a guy resulted in a 10 page reflection paper, borrowing the clock hands must be worth what – six, seven words?

And, finally, as students discovered that Brian Williams is the graduation speaker for George Washington University, Kid A threw his stream of consciousness on the blog.

GW gets Brian Williams AND it’s on the National Mall? What the What?

Whatever, they deserve that crappy grass.

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