Georgetown students model that “clean-cut American aesthetic” we all know and love

Searching for the perfect Ivy League Look? Last week, Uscoop, a website for college students to get deals on the latest overstock clothing, just launched an online boutique called Tuckernuck.

The idea started with a group of graduates from Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, and Trinity College. Their mission is to “update the traditional” style reminiscent of Northeastern, upper-class families to the “timeless look based on ease, traditions, and American cool.” Oh yeah, and provide students with the inspiration they gain from sailing, croquet, and according to the description: “Derby Days”, “wood-paneled Wagoneers” and “parties in big weathered barns.”

Wait, what was that last bit? Derby Days are fraternity and sorority charity events, and one can only guess this is a Wagoneer, and the last item … didn’t render much in a Google search.

Incidentally, six out of the seven models are our very own Georgetown peers, who describe their styles as everything from “modern but laid back” to “classic chic” to “a blend of Euro and prep.” The models are friends of the co-founders and provide some brief quotes on what items inspire their style choices.

And why the name “Tuckernuck”, you might ask? Tuckernuck is a privately-owned island in the town of Nantucket, Massachusetts, with a whopping 35 houses. Well of course!

Surprisingly enough, Vineyard Vines didn’t make the cut in the list of designers, but a company called Salmon Cove did so that probably does the trick.

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