Comments of the Week: No surprises here

Last Monday, Georgetown woke up to the news that a resident of Burleith put up a sign encouraging students to walk to the “S.N.A.P. bus stop” several blocks away. A self-proclaimed proud burleither thought the idea was a good one.

they should make a SNAP bus so you can throw up in there instead of on my lawn

don’t Georgetown students ever have to study?

No, Comrade Burleither. Of the many things Georgetown students do, studying is never one of them. True Americans—outside of the Ivory towers of academia—don’t have free time because they never stop working. Yes, unlike us, on Saturday nights, our earnest neighbors are burning the midnight oil. And we Georgetown students are too rich and entitled to care about their lawns. 

Last weekend, a 1950 Georgetown College alum announced his intention to sue the University in church court. Even more randomly, no surprises here was upset that Georgetown was Catholic in the first place.

Most students at Georgetown couldn’t give to shits about Georgetown’s history. They’re just pseudo-pretentious fucks who weren’t smart enough to get into an Ivy League school, but were too proud to go to a non-Catholic school in DC (IE: GW). This is epitomized no better by the commenters above, who pretty much have been lusting to say “OMG I GOT IN TO AN IVY SCHOOL TEEEHEHEHE” since their senior year of high school.

He’s also right that the only thing that distinguishes Georgetown from GW is our Catholic identity. All kidding aside, GW is a fine institution. At least they weren’t voted the most annoying student body in the district.

Finally, in response to the previous comment, Chandler said what we were all thinking.

Sounds like someone didn’t get in.

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