Shophouse and Good Stuff Eatery aim for openings in Georgetown

Haven’t you always wanted a toasted marshmallow milkshake to follow your bowl of curried artisanal organic tofu? Well today’s your lucky day! According to a Zagat blogpost, two restaurants, ShopHouse and Good Stuff Eatery, have plans to expand to Georgetown’s M street.

ShopHouse, a Southeast Asian Kitchen, mimics “Asia’s version of fast food” with an array of items that are “remarkably light and well-balanced,” according to their website. The shop currently has a location in DuPont, and plans to open at 2805 M. St. NW later this summer.

The restaurant will replace Furin’s, a diner that closed last July. Restaurant critics call ShopHouse the Asian equivalent of Chipotle, with an architectural model inspired by the traditional shophouses seen in urban parts of Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand.

A burger joint on Capitol Hill, Good Stuff, reviewed on the Washingtonian‘s list of Cheap Eats 2011, “shows no signs of white-collar pretension.” Owner Spike Mendelsohn, Top Chef alum, hinted at a potential opening in Georgetown two years ago. I think we’re ready for the real deal, Mendelsohn.

Of the several burgers and milkshakes featured on their menu, Good Stuff serves a “Prez Obama Burger” with applewood bacon, onion marmalade, roquefort cheese and horseradish Mayo sauce for the reasonable price of $6.89. Watch out, Thunderburger, your $11 burgers may face a worthy competitor!

Via Georgetown Patch

2 Comments on “Shophouse and Good Stuff Eatery aim for openings in Georgetown

  1. Great, now I’m just drooling at the pictures on ShopHouse’s website and wishing the place were already open. Three blocks from my work, oh yeah.

  2. can’t wait to see what they have in stock. just the article makes me want to go treat myself there

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