Vox launches summer edition with new feature: Vox Catuli

Just kidding guys; no one really likes cats.

But seriously, this summer, Vox is going to be alive and well. I’ll be writing remotely from the Big Apple while fighting the good fight at a law firm, but we have a whole team of bloggers in D.C. to keep the ship afloat. With assistant blog editor Connor Jones as news beat reporter and sports editor Kevin Joseph on the latest sports happenings, Vox is in good hands. Don’t hesitate to contact us here or follow us here.

This summer we’re looking for new writers, and our features are wide open. If you’re interested in writing music reviews or covering free food and events in D.C., let us know!

So keep your commenting feisty and flourishing and look back here for what we can only hope will be fewer Catholic controversies and more on Georgetown models and “parties in big weathered barns.” Vox wishes you an excellent summer.

Disclaimer: I take full responsibility for the atrocious blingee.

4 Comments on “Vox launches summer edition with new feature: Vox Catuli

  1. catulus means puppy. How could you not know cattus? It’s like the most obvious kindergarten Latin word ever. Or feles, or gattus? Come on, I know school’s out, but you can’t let that brain just sit idle all day young lady! Read a book so you don’t end up like your idiot uncle Bernie.

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